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Monday, May 4, 2009

Abandoned Lot, East Village

East VIllage Grafitti
Photo by myself in the East Village, around 13th Street and 2nd Avenue.

Despite the gentrification of New York, there are still some vacant blocks in Manhattan. This piece of property is located in a fairly nice neighborhood, filled with restaurants, bars and apartment buildings.

Mark saw this photo and says that 'Kuma' is perhaps the most prolific graffiti artist in the city. Kuma's tags are everywhere.


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Olivier said...

vu l'endroit, j'imagine que cela ne va pas rester vide.
having seen the place, I imagine that it is not going to remain empty.

dianasfaria.com said...

I wonder how much this land is worth? It would be nice if someone turned it into a small garden.

valeria said...

I agree with Lily. Nice shot, Kitty, I like the way you framed it with the metal net

Erica said...

i walk by that lot almost every day! it's in such a prime location-- i wonder when/if it will be developed. i agree that it would be a lovely space for a garden

Unknown said...

Do you by any chance happen to remember where is this lot located? (like what street or cross street)