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Friday, July 30, 2010

Signs of Old Times, on the Lower East Side

Rivington Street, NYC
Photo by myself on Rivington and Ludlow Streets.

A fleeting glance on Rivington Street, populated with authentic signage. This neighborhood has resisted change more than others.


Another photo from my stash, above.

I've been so, so mad busy recently. The days have been very stressful, with everyone wanting everything now, which is okay, until it isn't. Seriously, Momma needs a day off.

The city is in full swing, by the way. The streets were packed on Thursday night, and it took about 15 minutes before I could find a cab to get home. Everyone was out strolling around. My cab driver told me that Thursday night is the new Friday night.

TGIF everyone!

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Erica said...

So close to Katz's...I could just taste that warm sumptuous fatty pastrami in my mouth...yum. The LES is such a terrific area...my great grandfather owned a handkerchief factory on Rivington about 100 years ago.

Ken Mac said...

thank God for LES, or what's left of it

New York Experience said...

Your photos are excellent and capture the moment superbly, thank you for sharing them.