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Friday, September 3, 2010

Red Skiff, in the East River

Red Skiff, in the East River
Photo by myself from DUMBO, Brooklyn.

A photo from the edge of Brooklyn in DUMBO, near the Manhattan Bridge. It was a super sunny day, and a man paddled up the East River.

Across the water, parts of lower Manhattan are actually not very built up, due to geology. Only areas supported by bedrock are strong enough to bear the weight of skyscrapers.


Happy Labor Day weekend!

Mark and I are planning on recovering from jetlag and relaxing. What are your plans?

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a lonely occupation. I would like a friend in my boat. Nice photograph

Alistair said...

I am not quite sure what Labour Day is but here in the UK party members can vote for the next leader of the Labour Party with ballot papers going out from the 1st .
Never the less with my 62nd birthday today its time for the grandchildren and children and of course further deliberation about how and what format I should put a blog together. Thats the trouble with ageing everything takes that much longer to decide and I am a little in awe of your pics and text.
Anyway enjoy Labour Day and regards to Rupert

m. said...

Have a good Labour Day! I don't know what is it exactly (I write from Poland) but I am sure it's a good occasion for a rest.
I've found your blog some time ago and visit it every day. I like your pictures very much.

Marcia said...

Planning on enjoying the cooler weather, probably play a lot of fetch with Danni.

Leif Hagen said...

Welcome back from Japan! I guess you had a fantastic although quick trip, non?
Bon weekend

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty.
In Brazil the labor day happens on May 1st. But next week will our Independence Day, so we will rest too! Most of Curitibanos will head to the beach, so Curitiba will be a very nice place to stay (less cars on the streets).
Have a nice holiday.

Kitty said...

Thanks Mr. Lincoln.

I agree with you. Plus it's much harder work paddling as just one person. Having a friend along would make it a much nicer experience.

Hello Alistair!
Happy birthday!!! I hope you enjoy your day with your family.

I wouldn't overthink what your blog will be about. Often you start out and the blog takes on a life of its own, as it has with mine.

I appreciate thinking but often it clouds our creative purpose. Look forward to visiting your future blog.

Thanks M!
I highly recommend a Labour Day for Poland. Here, it is a nice symbol for the end of summer. Most people have bbq's on the weekend and just relax before having to send kids off for school.

Hi Marcia
My regards to Danni. Rupert sends her a big hello :-)

Hi Leif
Yes, the trip was much too short. Normally such a flight would require at least 2 weeks away. Next time.

Hello Washington!
How interesting that so many countries recognize the beginning and end of summer? We have Memorial Day to mark the beginning of summer here.

Enjoy the weekend. I hope it is a quiet one for you.

matt said...

Hi Kitty. Have a good one .Me just relaxing as well. Summer over!!!

dianasfaria.com said...

I have to try this at least once!
I never knew that about Lower Manhattan. & I'm glad it is that way, I like the smaller buildings downtown.
Thanks for the nice comment about Priscilla Kitty. Thankfully she is home now & doing well.


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Anonymous said...

Nice photo!

Happy holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

Just read the older posts. Welcome back from your Japan trip. Cool!