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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The View near 59th Street, Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle, NYC
Photo by myself around 60th Street and Broadway on the Upper West Side.

It was busy and cold on Monday near Columbus Circle. Cabs and cars were whizzing by.

In the background toward the left, is one of the new buildings for billionaires. The skyscraper at 1 East 57th Street is a really, really tall residential tower, rising 75 stories. It looms over its neighbors.

Costs for apartments at 1E57 there average $6,667 per square foot. Egad. Some apartments sold for as much as $91 million dollars.

Luckily at this writing, there are still some $58 million dollar apartments that are up for grabs! For the One57 website, click here.

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s.c said...

When I see it I have to think at the tower of Babel and am afraid that pride falls down. So utterly out of proportions but thats just my opinion.

Kitty said...

Hi SC,
I agree! We are very accustomed to seeing pre-war buildings and their heights. To see something so gigantic is odd.
I can't imagine living there (even if I had millions of dollars)!

Jens Hamn said...

you have very beautiful photos on your blog, thank for the travel!
I have a pleasant moment here, I will follow you with pleasure!

Ken Mac said...

city of the stars...

Linda said...

Wonderful photo!

New York said...

Great photo. New York is a great city to live in.

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