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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I went to the deli for yogurt tonight, in honor of my new diet. My friend Nancy is doing it, and we call it ‘The Eat Less Diet’. The simple premise is that you ingest fewer calories than you burn. Nancy has lost 20 pounds in less than two months, and she looks amazing. I want to look amazing, too.

I’m going on this diet because I eat like a man. I manage to eat enormous amounts of food and somehow fit into size 6 pants. One day, this ability will vanish and I will become a monster, and the prospect of this frightens me.

I eat more than my boyfriend Mark does, yet he's much more muscular and six inches taller than me. I think I have a problem.

Last night’s dinner, for instance, was leftover stuffed cabbage. We reheated three plump servings in the oven, soaked in their savory tomato sauce. Mark was gracious and served me two of the three servings, announcing that he was making himself a proper grilled cheese sandwich.

I raced through the two stuffed cabbages in their delicious sauce, followed by a grilled cheese sandwich for dessert. This morning I woke up and decided to start the diet.

I’m curious to see how this goes. For exercise, I’ve joined a nearby gym. When I’ll find the time to go is beyond me, but this gym is open an improbable 24-hours a day, so there are no excuses. I plan to get back to free weights, the elliptical machine and the dreaded treadmill, all devices of torture that I visited regularly before I met Mark, eighteen months and ten pounds ago.

I tell people I’m dieting for my health. In truth, I’m dieting so not to become a monster. The world has too many monsters, after all.

A proper grilled cheese sandwich begins with a griddle, then white bread with butter face down, then two slices of American cheese in the middle, finished with white bread with butter face up. They are delicious.

Photo by Lopolis.


Andrea said...

Hi Kitty,
My name is Andrea and I found your blog through the Budapest Daily photo site. I hope you don't mind that I started readeing your blog from the very beginning, I find the way you wrute really beautiful and engaging.
Looking forward to reading more about your life in NYC, I always wanted to visit there, maybe some day it will happen.

I also have the same problem as you (although I realize you posted this a long time ago) but I eat as much if not more than my 16 stone 6 foot 4 tall boyfriend, so I totally sympathize with you. So hard to stop though, I love food !!! :-)


Kitty said...

Hi Andrea!
I'm flattered that you're taking the time to read my older posts. Thank you. Seriously.

I think many visitors come, look at the first photo or two, then leave. It means a lot that someone stops by and spends time here.

I hope you do wind up visiting NYC at some point. The UK is not so far away, so you probably will! I myself wish I were across the ocean.

I only visited London for a few days, with my garden-loving mother, and am astonished that we didn't wind up getting run over. We kept crossing the street and looking the wrong direction. Ha.