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Friday, October 12, 2007


I've been scrambling this past week for yet another huge presentation. It went well enough and the dust is finally settling a little before the next wave of deadlines.

Mark and I are looking forward to a nice weekend. We plan to drive around Long Island, shop for fall clothes and just relax. Hooray.

I wanted to mention the house I've been working on in my 'spare time' at the office. We've been doing the interiors of a four-bedroom house for the nicest people in the world, but the job has been strangely ill-fated.

In the five months or so that I've been on the project, the following has happened:

1. I've had surgery twice (they were minor, as surgeries go).
2. The client has had surgery.
3. The decorator has had surgery.
4. The decorator's assistant's grandmother passed away.
5. The contractor's father died.
6. The decorator had to leave our office due to health issues.

Um...what could possibly be next?

Thankfully, my responsibilities are dribbling to an end. The walls and doors are in, the mouldings are going up, the bathroom vanities are being installed.

In a matter of months the house will be finished. Either that, or we will be!

Photo by myself, on the platform at Smith and 9th Streets.


Nubia said...

September was my big month for doctor bills--I had to get dental work done twice! I have insurance and I still couldn't get over how pricey it was! Hope you recovered from your sugery okay. I was fine after the root canal but I couldn't move the right side of mouth for 5 hours because of the anesthesia. ridiculous? yes. sexy? no!

kitty said...

ouch, Nubia!
root canal sounds awfully painful.

well, the surgeries were for my gallbladder and a gynecological thing. Both went better than I'd expected.

Hope that's the end of your dental work for a while.

Tammy said...

That sounds like a lot of bad luck. I don't know if I would want to live there with all the bad karma going on. LOL Just kidding!

Mike said...

Hello from New York also! I like your blog. Very interesting pictures.