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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good News

Part One
It turns out my request at work for two more people for my team had been misunderstood. And a deadline was unexpectedly extended by a couple weeks. Woohoo!! When does that ever happen? I'm relieved. I can't do the late nights and weekends anymore. Nope.

The other night I went to the gym for the first time in many months. I went with a coworker to a gym a block from the office, on a free pass. She took classes (kickboxing and circuit training), while I dashed to the cardio room.

It was great - I used the elliptical machine for 45 minutes, then I lifted weights. I am sadly, pathetically, out of shape. It was tough to do my weight routine and see how tiny my arm muscles have become. I was doing red-faced repetitions with 12-pound weights, while big sweaty guys were heaving 65-pound weights all around me. I ended the evening sitting in the sauna, breathing in the hot air and just sweating. It was wonderful.

Friday found me tired and achy, but I'm keen on getting back into the routine. Later today, I'll be visiting the gym in my neighborhood. I'm hoping the exercise will help me with the work stress and tone me up. We shall see. I'm not counting chickens quite yet.

Part Two
Saturday, to unwind, Mark and I ventured to an Indian restuarant in Park Slope, part of our Expanding our Brooklyn Restaurant List Quest. En route, we saw beautiful Brooklyn brownstones, like the one above, that make this city so picturesque. There were leaves everywhere, some carved pumpkins on doorsteps and the occasional stoop sale.

We also noticed that there were bajillions of Mini Coopers. Well, maybe not bajillions, but eight or ten, which is twice as many as there were at the Mini Cooper Rally the other week.

There were a couple red ones, a silver one, a black one, a white one. On the side street where we parked, Clive was one of three Mini Coopers, each wedged into a wee, Mini Cooper-sized spot. They are such trusty urban cars.

It was nice to leave Clive on the street, while we had our delicious Indian meal, knowing he'd be happy with his buddies.

Photos by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


Tammy said...

I am so glad that work is getting better for you!!! the last time I was at a gym would be about 10 years ago. Pathetic eh! I do get a lot of exercise chasing after kids all day though. LOL

kitty said...

LOL, Tammy, I think your job is the hardest of all.
I cannot imagine.

happy monday to you,

Nubia said...

Good for you for getting back in shape! I'm trying to do the same. I'm totally empathetic to your work situaton. I want to negotiate a raise and I'm so worried they won't be willing to do it. Wish me luck!

Tammy said...

I have an award for you :o)

kitty said...

Nubia - I so recommend the exercise. Your body harbors toxins in your muscles and when you stretch (and when you get a massage), these toxins are released. You might feel a little sick afterwards. Anyway, better to release the toxins than keep them inside, yknow?

Also, you should go for asking for the raise..unless you want to wait til after the holidays. I think it's an empowering thing to do, and they can only apologize and turn you down. That's not such a bad thing! I cheer you on for that.

Tammy, I feel like I'm hanging out with the Popular Girl in high school! You are full of awards!!

Thank You!!! You've been so good to me. :-)