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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Portraits - The Sartorialist

Spandrel Studios was kind enough to email me about a beautiful blog, The Sartorialist. It's filled with stunning photography by Scott Schuman, whose photos are from all over the place. I'm not sure whether to envy him or the well-dressed people he shoots.

I'm also curious to know whether he's picturing random people he meets. Reading the posts, I am tempted to say yes. The second thing I'd like to know is 'what's his line?' How does Scott get people to pause from their busy schedules, and pose, smiling and looking gorgeous?

Speaking of fashion, Mark and I sped through the West Village this weekend, passing Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Lulu Guinness. I wanted to stroll around the streets and ogle at everything, but there were no parking spots to be had, even tiny ones.

Somehow that neighborhood has become an unbelievably pricey outdoor shopping mall. When on earth did this happen, and why didn't anyone tell me?

We wound up across town, where we stomped around a few blocks before deciding it was much too cold to be out. I wound up nesting that afternoon, watching 'What Not to Wear' and other make-over shows.

A girl can dream.

Wednesday Portraits is an ongoing, semi-regular installment featuring other New York blogs.

Photo by myself, in the East Village, where there are many more parking spaces and shops for the common man.


Spandrel Studios said...

Hi, Kitty. Nice job on the East Village portrait - that would make a great print.

And I'm glad you enjoyed The Sartorialist site. As you said, a girl can dream!

BrianC said...

Living just up the street from Lulu Guinness and these other "boutiques" I can only say "ugh." When I moved to Bleecker Street 10 years ago there were still antique shops, card shops, and a great little ice cream place called "Moondog." One scarcely recognizes it now. On the weekends it's just a parade of tourists and wealthy wannabes. And now Condomania, across the st. from my apt. has closed. They should put a sign up on Bleecker, between Christopher and Hudson - "Sanitized for Your Protection."

Kitty said...

Bleeker street is so different now. How crazy.

I love the East Village. It's a little grimy but fun