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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Calling All Keepers

It is cold outside. Windy. Yikes. Time to break out the sexy long johns.

After days of being cold, gray and miserable, today was cold, windy and sunny. See? There is variety here, as opposed to the relentlessly sunny and predictable days in LA.

I have very little to post tonight. Last night, I stayed up much too late. Because I stayed up late, I didn't get much sleep, which made me cranky since first thing this morning.

At work, there was tons to do as there always is, so I wound up staying late at work. Which makes me feel like I haven't had time to myself, which makes me stay up late tonight...and so on.

What I need beyond a sherpa and sugardaddy is a keeper, who decides when I wake, when I sleep, and most of all, how much (or little) I eat. This keeper would have to use a cattle prod or bullwhip to keep me in line. Mere threats won't do it. Bribery, perhaps, but not threats!

Any takers out there? The job don't pay well, but it's good fun!

I was going to post about New York versus LA. I was going to post about what lengths some people will go to for a parking space. But of course, nothing seems interesting when you're tired and slightly crabby.

We'll try again after some shuteye.

Photo by myself, at the hibatchi at Planet Thai, Williamsburg.


Ha Ha Sound said...

Hope you get some rest this weekend!! And yeah, the cold was unbearable. I got a winter coat that's supposed to keep me warm up to -15F, which was great but didn't help keep my face from freezing.

And good luck finding your keeper/sugardaddy/etc.

Happy new year!!

Anna said...

Hi Kitty, just visiting to wish you happy new year - just to let you know you once visited my blog, so I though I drop by. Yes it is in fact quite cold, and longjohns may as well do the job - that is what happnes when we get older, we just don't care, we want to be warm, lol. Anna :)

Suzanne said...

I'll stick with the sugardaddy. Anyone trying to be MY keeper would be worn out, PO'd and generally run ragged. Definitely no job satisfaction, as I am a hard-headed, opinionated, mule of a woman at times.

Kitty said...

Hallo haha, hallo Anna...
I agree. The skin wears thin quickly.

Haha Suzanne
I wish I were more opinionated and mulish. It sounds liberating!

mama's got moxie said...

please tell me where i can find some sexy longjohns!! ha! :)