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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Sublime and the Ridiculous, Or Why I See Few Celebrities in New York

The Strand
Photo by myself on Broadway and 12th Street, of one of my favorite places.

You can buy books by the yard and browse for hours at the Strand.


Yesterday for a brief moment, we met up with Stu, one of Mark's buddies. We drove around the block with me, scrunched in the back seat of Clive, Mark's Mini Cooper.

'There's David Blaine'. Stu pointed out a guy in a black and gray sweatsuit, strolling across 14th Street by himself like anyone else.

We crossed the light, and when I turned I saw Blaine's silhouette.

I'm not sure what the deal is, but I rarely have celebrity sightings. I once saw Tony Randall or his look alike years ago in Times Square. And then I thought I saw and practically chased after Ed Norton on the Upper West Side.

Then I've definitely seen Dave Chapelle and Ethan Hawke and the surreal glow emitted by Uma Thurman. (Uma's glow preceded her and was other worldly and startling). I once stood behind the petite Jane Pauley while on line at Citerella. Besides the above and the Isaac Mizrahi sighting a couple weeks ago, that's my celebrity sighting list. It seems like I've always just missed someone.

Last summer, I met Mark for lunch. 'I just saw Keanu Reeves,' he said.


'Yeah, he's a block down, over there.' Good grief.

I know where Liv Tyler lives and where George Clooney is rumored to live. I know where Susan Sarandon may or may not be living. But I never see these people. If I were really psycho, I would camp out near any of these places and see if what I've heard is true.

Actually, I think the real reason I don't see these celebs is that I'm busy looking at everything else. The traffic, the colors, the people, the pets, the beautiful details of the buildings, and the sheer amount of stuff everywhere is just too distracting.

My first few years living in the city, I was just astounded by the simple act of walking down the street. I told myself that I could walk out the door and encounter a sidewalk littered with trash, but it would look beautiful to me.

Of course, the feeling of wonder fluctuates. Some days I walk out of my apartment and when I see the trash, I see TRASH, and there's nothing romantic about it. But most of the time, I delight in what I'm lucky enough to catch sight of.

It doesn't have to be famous.


Reluctant Blogger said...

haha I'm just like you. People are always saying they have "just" seen someone famous and I never do. I must walk around in a dreamworld.

Have you ever read "Queen of the Oddballs" by Hillary Carlip? It's very funny and she writes wonderfully about her days stalking Carole King and Carly Simon. Your post reminded me of the book - I think you would probably like it! Not that you'd have time to read it, I guess!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I've seen a handful of celebs but I'm sure I've walked right by more than a few. I'm usually too busy thinking about what I'm going to have for my next meal ;-)

A friend of mine once helped out a pal by working for a weekend at the Tasti Delite franchise the pal owned. Keanu Reeves and Nicole Kidman came in :-)

Susu said...

I feel like you, it's better to have your own life instead of camping outside of others'. In Paris you could also easily spot some celebs but I prefer living my own little adventure.

Charity said...

My "sightings" are usually pro wrestlers at Perkins after a show. LOL

By the way, you've been tagged - http://gothic-peach.net/2008/01/23/tagged-2/

Tammy said...

If someone told me they just saw Keanu Reeves, I'd be out the door chasing him down. hehehe! He's HOT!

Suzanne said...

Just stopped by to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I've been to NYC several times, and part of me would like to live there, but with your blog, I can stay put and get a dose everyday. :) Best of both - thanks!

Kitty said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with my head in the clouds or my thoughts on food!

I can see dear Tammy running down the street chasing poor Keanu. He'd have to pull out one of his flying stunts, haha.

Thanks for the tag, Charity, and thanks Suzanne for the kind words!

joderebe said...

I can only dream of a street corner as such where you can by books by the yard.
Great post as usual Kitty!

Kitty said...

JD, you'd be surprised!

Interior designers and architects go to the Strand all the time. You can purchase books by the color and design of their spines, only.

They have people who compile compile complete libraries for the rich and famous, keeping general interests in mind. The Strand also finds books for libraries you see in movies.

it's pretty big in there. Three floors of stuff. If you're into art and architecture books, it's great fun!

HughE Dillon said...

I see celebrities daily in NYC.

-Confessions of a Paparazzi

Kitty said...

Hughe, are you a celeb?
If so, I could see how you'd see a celeb everyday.

They elude me. It's like they see me and they run.