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Sunday, January 27, 2008

At the Threshold of the Blogosphere

The Shake Shack
Photo by myself of the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park.

On workdays you have to wait on line at least 20 minutes for a Chicago style dog.


For the last week, the Daily City Photo Blog logo has been proudly displayed in the sidebar here.

This site will be a part of a larger ring of sites offering daily photos from cities around the world. Photo blogs post daily from Auckland New Zealand, Bogor Indonesia, Portland Maine and everywhere in between. But there's a glitch in the matrix - since my feed isn't compatible with their site, it doesn't show up on the blog roll. Drat.

Last summer after visiting Paris, I discovered Paris Daily Photo. Little did I know, PDP began the daily photo blog genre. Its creator, Eric Tenin, started posting a photo a day from his glamorous home city. Three years later, there are nearly 500 cities participating in the same cause.

I loved Eric's photos and the glimmer of a thought was planted waaay in the back of my head to be a part of their blogroll. It would be cool to represent New York in a more official sense. Someday.

I have it easy - you can always find something to photograph on any given day, on any given block in New York. My only current difficulties are the weather, which is often gray and dreary, and my schedule, which limits my time outside.

Today I treated myself to a walk from Madison Square Garden to Union Square. I stopped along the way to get delicious Chicago style hotdog from the Shack Shack in Madison Square Park (all-beef dog on a poppy seed bun, topped with mustard, relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, sport pepper and celery salt).

I hadn't been in the neighborhood in eons. It was great to be in the park again, the dog run half full with pugs, terriers and mutts. I was hoping to photograph the Flatiron Building at 23rd and Fifth Avenue, one of my favorite city landmarks, but the lighting wasn't right.

I promised to return. I'll have to come back for the stately details of the New York Life Building, the motley assortment of furniture stores on Broadway and the spacious restaurants lining Park Avenue South.

I'm not done with that neighborhood. Not even close.

Click here for an earlier post about Paris Daily Photo.


BBC said...

Brooklyn, been there, done that, lost in an 18 wheeler, and got out alive.

I live in the west where people are a lot more talkative and friendly.

I couldn't live in New York. Besides, it is a prime target for a big bomb an they really suck.

But if you enjoy that life, carry on.

Kitty said...

lol, BBC!

Sometimes NYers are remarkably chatty. They stick their noses in everyone's business. Depends. There are two strains. The other mind's their own.

But yes, NYers are typically hurried and short on time. The chit chat can get in the way.

I don't notice my own hurriedness bordering on rudeness til I get on the phone with someone from the South or West. This place changes you.

Thanks for dropping by!

Carrie Smith said...

Just stopping by to say Hello! I always find it interesting to read up on your post. Great righting!

take care

I have some awards on my blog that might interest you! :0)

Spandrel Studios said...

Hey, Kitty - beautiful light in that photograph!

PDP is one of the sites I check most religiously. Eric's photographs are wonderful, and his commentary is quite charming.

I keep hearing great things about Shake Shack and I am determined to check it out the next time I'm in the city!

Susu said...


You could so-oo participate in that daily photo blogroll. And at the same time, I feel that your blog already has a special style to it. A hint of Carrie Bradshaw, yet something of your very own, and more importantly from real life. Your pics give us a chance to be there. And that's what I like about your site - you can appreciate NYC even from a distance.

Ruvym said...

Wow that was a pretty depressive comment by BBC. Lost in an 18-wheeler and got out alive? What does that mean? Did he survive some horrible accident? And NY being due for a big bomb? Great. Yeah big bombs do suck but does that mean you have to abandon all urban areas because they might be targets? Whatever. People have to go on living.

Maybe when I finally get my camera I'll join you in the photo-a-day thing. Not that I can see myself walking around with the thing on a daily basis but maybe I can take a bunch on the weekend and then pretend that I took them over the course of the week. Right now I carry my little 5megapixel Canon with me, but I don't usually feel inspired to get nice shots with it. We shall see.

Kitty said...

Carrie, thanks for stopping by as always! I love your redesign!

Spandrel, you'll have to go to the Shack on a cloudy day, otherwise you'll wait ages in line.

The shakes are wonderful. I'm glad I don't work near there, otherwise I'd be sent to the fat farm.

Susu, thanks for the kind words! I'm so glad this blog has its readers. I'm utterly addicted to keeping it up.

Ruvym, I agree with you. Thank goodness we don't live in a state of anxiety.

Let me know when you get your camera! Have you figured out which one yet?

I was thinking of the Canon XTi until I started reading about the Canon 5D. The 5D is much pricier but it sounds amazing.

Ruvym said...

No new camera yet. I'm holding off because I had to buy a new laptop. Eh. But I started looking into it all before everything went caput and I'd love the 5D but it's outside my price range, particulalry if I need to invest in good lenses. It's rated as a professional-grade camera, probably too souped up for my amateurish needs.