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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blah Blah Blah Work...Blah Blah Blah

Times Square
Photo by myself, in Times Square.

Though New York is known for the glitter of Times Square, most New Yorkers avoid the area because of all the traffic.


I'm off again to Aspen for a few days next week. Woohoo.

Work is running at high gear, and from there, I'll be off to LA for a long family weekend. I'll have my laptop with me to do some work, so I'll post while I'm gone.

I'm looking forward to being reunited with the deep bathtub in the hotel room, the mountain air and snow.

Being away from New York makes me all the more attached to it. The pushy people on the subway, the noisy hustle bustle, the search for restaurants based on lunch specials, the way your shoes hurt a little hitting the pavement - the most bittersweet details become dear.

I've never traveled so often for work. What I'm doing is nothing, of course. One of my coworkers alternates between D.C. and Virginia every other week. Another practically lives in Palm Beach.

Finally, my big boss travels constantly. Every week he's on the road, and no one knows how he does it. Flying between ongoing projects and personal travels to Asia and Europe, he never seems to tire. One veteran coworker has never seen Big Boss take a sick day. He's never even had the sniffles.

I guess at this point I could go on about how most New Yorkers are workaholics. But I'm too tired from the work day. Maybe some other time.


Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh yes, I always love everything when I am about to leave it. I have even suddenly found myself falling in love with jobs I have loathed on the last 2 or 3 days I am there!

Enjoy your travels, Kitty and post up some more snow photos for me eh?

Ruvym said...

Workaholics frighten me. When the boss is a workaholic, he suddenly expects everyone else to share his sense of commitment and obsession with the job. For people who do things you're supposed to be passionate about - like acting, art, photography, etc. - maybe I can understand such expectations. But what about more "typical" jobs like being a lawyer or a business man or a doctor? For most people a job is just a job and a crazy boss who thinks everyone should share his/her sense of tirelessness for the work can be the worst type of boss possible.

Not saying your boss is like this, but I just wanted to chime in on that point.

Kitty said...

RB, that's funny.

I wonder if that's sort of like that syndrome where the kidnapped person falls in love with their captor? I'll have to do the research.

Ruvym, I agree. My boss is a crazy workaholic. I am less of one, and I think it's built into the profession. Knowing my brother's experience, I think law can be similar. Depends on whether you're in a big corporate place or no.

I don't mind working hard most of the time, but there are many times when you just want to be a human being and have your own time. That's when you start resenting life, the job, everyone else on the planet, cats, etc. Not a good thing!

Just Jinny said...

Maybe it's because I have grown up in a lazy little west Texas town but a workaholic I am not. Well, it could be that or the fact that I am beat down by working for a corporation.

Either way, I do my time and then I'm out.

About traveling though, I am the opposite. Sometimes I am so ready to just get out of here for a while. And I enjoy myself when I travel. But, there is nothing like driving back into my own driveway. I could hop out and kiss the ground sometimes I'm so glad to be home.

Spandrel Studios said...

I'm with Just Jinny - I love to travel. The change of scenery, the upheaval in my routine, seeing new things and meeting new people... it's all good. But I feel even happier when I return home.

It's only during especially arduous trips that I feel sort of homesick anytime before departure day.

Kitty said...

Jinny dear, you will probably live longer than all of us. Being less uptight about work means you're less stressed out!!

Spandrel, like you, I love travel, but I'm pretty happy wherever I am. It doesn't take much.

penpusher said...

I have really only travelled twice for work, once was to LA and once was to Minneapolis, both trips took around 15-20 hours of flight time.

I have always envied those who have business travels in their job descriptions. However, on the flip side, I was told that it can be a very lonely time and extremely trying to maintain a relationship.

Mike said...

Hello Kitty! Sorry I never come here. My dial-up modem is so slow. I found a way to view just latest posts without the entire page loading though through blogcatalog. Now I can make up for lost time I guess.

That picture came out so clear. I love NYC pictures. Im trying to buy a Sony digital camera this spring. Re-take all my Montauk Point pictures on my blog again. It should be fun.

Kitty said...

Penpusher, I have mixed feelings about traveling for work as well.

I don't like it when Mark travels for work, which he does at some stretches of time. It can be hard on the one left behind.

Hi Mike!
I need to check out your blog, too.

Congrats on the camera purchase! What a treat. I'm contemplating the same but of course cannot decide!