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Thursday, January 24, 2008

On Apartment Living Together

Sushi Bar
Photo by myself, near Union Square.

Lemongrass Grill on 13th Street and University Place serves both Thai and Japanese cuisine.


Recently, Mark and I have been talking about living together.

It's a good thing. No more calling each other and changing plans at the last minute about when to meet at the subway station. No more shlepping clothes and other belongings back and forth. And even though Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where Mark lives, is an interesting neighborhood, it's sorely lacking in the decent restaurant category.

'I couldn't decide what to eat last night, so I had Cocoa Puffs,' Mark told me tonight.

'Hm. So you couldn't decide between Italian or Thai?'

Anyway, Mark will finally be able to fulfill his dream of getting a dog. His apartment isn't terribly big, and having two people around to care for a dog is better than one.

Cats are the apartment animal of choice. Like plants, they don't need much. Give them a litterbox, some food, water and a comfy spot, and they're fine. You don't have to board them when you're away. You don't have to rush home so they can pee.

(Note: I read somewhere that between cats and dogs, if the owner dies, the cat will eat the owner out of hunger. The dog won't. Yet another vote for Team Dog).

My cat Dida was rescued from the railroad tracks near Hell's Kitchen. Lounging in a climate-controlled environment with catnip toys and unlimited food must be heaven. Little does she know that her heaven time is waning.

Mark always planned on getting a French Bulldog. He finds their bulgy eyes, eagerness and chubby trot irresistible.

Since we've started the research, though, things have changed. Frenchies are high energy and require a lot of exercise every day. On the other hand, Boston terriers, which also have bulgy eyes and an eager trot, don't need so much exercise. Bostons sound like cats - they like some exercise, but prefer to curl up on the couch and watch tv.

Space is limited for us apartment dwellers. There ain't no yard or doggie door to rely on. Someone needs to rush home from work to walk the dog, or else. Despite all these hardships, many New Yorkers have dogs. (As you can imagine, the jokes comparing dogs to children are endless).

Over the next several weeks, I'm sure we'll have more conversations about whether getting a dog is the right thing for us. Til then, the cat has her heaven, undisturbed.


penpusher said...

What about a pug? We thought seriously about getting one but at this point a rabbit and 4 gold fish will probably suffice :)

Kitty said...

I LOVE pugs, too!! They are adorable little lapdogs. And of course they look hysterical.

My trouble is I love all animals. I am undiscerning. Mark likes pugs, too. It's a tough choice.

I used to own a couple goldfish, too. They're fun. You can become surprisingly attached to those little guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor cat!

But listen, you make the most of your own last days too. It's great to live with someone but if I had known back in whenever it was (1864!) that I was having my last week of ever living alone, that I never would again, I would have really treasured that time. I wouldn't go back and tell myself not to share my place with someone, but I would tell myself to really enjoy my own space while I can.

Still feel sorry for the cat!

Brittany said...

Tag you're it! Go to my blog to see the rules:


Love your blog!

Ruvym said...

I DO NOT like the Lemongrass Grill. Never got that place. Maybe it's because I'm not one for soupy noodles (i.e. no Thai for me).

As for dogs, go with with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are super-cute and super-lovable and super-huggable. My parents have a "Cosmo" at home. He's awesome, other than the occassional in-house poop. It's the mini-dog of choice of a lot of people. Whenever I see one on the street I call him/her Cosmo too - "it's Cosmo." Of course it isn't, but you know what I mean.

Kitty said...

Thanks, Brittany! I will have to check out your site later tonight!

RB, I'm hoping that the cat and dog get along. It will be a tough sell, but I'm sure Dida gets lonely during the day.

I know what you mean about having one's space. I love having the luxury of doing what I want without thinking too hard about it. It will be a big wampum change.

Ruvym, you crack me up with the things that you 'get' and don't get. I didn't have the best pad thai there the other day. Rather tasteless. I'm over the Thai craze. Enough, already.

The Cosmo doggies are supposed to be one of the best in terms of disposition. They look like the ultimate lap dogs, occasional poop or no.

Tammy said...

Okay...EWWWW about cats eating dead people!!!! Congrats about moving in together!

Kitty said...

Thanks, Tammy!

I read about the cat/dog thing years ago. I'm hoping it's an urban myth and am ready to cut a deal with Dida.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the cat thing. My cat (Himalayan) is so vocal about not getting his specific food that I wonder if he would have the stomach for it. My dogs on the other hand will eat anything all the time. :-)

Kitty said...

JD, owning cats and dogs sounds great, if they get along. That's what we're hoping for.

Himalayans are so beautiful!