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Monday, February 25, 2008

On the Recent Snow, et al.

Photo by myself last week of the snow in Union Square. About five inches came down.


Some updates:
1. We had a bunch of snow last week. So much that when the subway pulled up to the platform Friday morning, there was snow on the roof, and water was cascading down the stainless steel walls. The train looked like it just landed from outer space.

I would have taken a photo but I was already late for work.

2. Louie, the orange cat rescued from an abandoned futon on a Brooklyn street, has made tremendous progress. His foster mom wrote to tell me he's sleeping in bed with her and her other two cats. I hope to get pictures of him soon.

3. There seems to be a sudden spurt of crime in the news here. We had the crazy murder of the psychologist last week, then the shooting of a man in Murray Hill this morning. Murray Hill is known for being a sleepy neighborhood of tall co-op buildings, where nothing much happens. Hm.

Just now, the trial for the Nixzmary Brown case is underway, in which a 7-year old Brooklyn girl apparently died from abuse suffered from her mother and stepfather. Also beginning is the trial for the Sean Bell case, where New York cops used 50 bullets to kill an unarmed man in Queens the night before his wedding.

On the other hand, New York seems safer than ever. New Yorkers park their fancy cars out on the streets without worry. We walk about late at night without overwhelming fear or pepper spray.

So what does this recent barrage with bad news mean?

I don't know. I hope to come up with a theory, or a way of processing it neatly in my head. So far, it's just a jumble of scary things.


Fredrik said...

Interesting thoughts about the "safe feeling" in NY. Do you think most new yorkers still fear another terrorist attack like the 9-11?
Lovely picture by the way!

Kitty said...

Thank you, Fredrik!

I don't think people are afraid of terrorism here. There was a time when everyone was quite jumpy, especially in the subways. You never know what's going on when you're crammed in a crowd or whether something is under the seats.

The police do patrol certain subway stations. I'm glad they do it, but I'm not sure you can safe guard against a crazy person. There are just too many people around.

Spandrel Studios said...

Glad to hear Louie's doing so well...

Despite the recent bad news, New York has always felt like an oddly safe place to me. Maybe it's the whole "safety in numbers" idea. Most of the time when I visit, I think, "What could happen, with all these people around?" So as long as there are others around, I feel safe. But the crushing crowds during high tourist season are another matter.

I guess it all boils down to exactly who's in the crowd - and that's a variable we can never control.

Anonymous said...

I always have faith in being safe. I am probably naive but I can't see much point to living my life in fear. I try to be vaguely responsible but I walk alone at night and will drive alone through London at night.

As for the crime stories - I think you do get spates of things that you somehow find "get" to you. We've had a few here lately too. There has been a big trial of a guy who murdered five women in a town not far from where I live.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I didn't hear about the Murray Hill shooting this morning. In fact I just went to look into it on 7online and read 3 people were stabbed in midtown. Eeek!!

Personally I try not to think about this stuff too much. It worries me, especially when it happens close to home, but you can't let these things rule your life.

Anonymous said...

As a professional photographer I honestly have to say kudo to you on an excellent shot. Well done!

Mom Knows Everything said...

I have to agree with JD. You are an amazing photographer!

Kitty said...

Spandrel, like you, I feel like a cow sometimes on the edge of the herd. It really is a sweeptstakes whomever's going next.

RB, I think it's better to be naive and oblivious. But please be careful!! Walking alone sounds scary (though I do it as well).

Fish, the shooting happened Sunday morning. I'm shocked by the stabbings. Oy.

JD, thank you so much. Your compliment means a great deal to me!

Tammy dear, thank you for your constant encouragement. You were my only reader for a good long eon!

Suzanne said...

Kitty - I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and while it qualifies as a "city" it is by no means anywhere near as large or as urban as NYC. Yet, back in October, two guys strangled and dumped the bodies of two women by the side of a road on the outskirts of the city.

Bad, yes. Worse? One of the guys lives two streets over from me in my sleepy little neighborhood and his kids go to school with mine. I've met this man - talked to him in passing!

Never in a million years would I have suspected him capable of something like that!

For me, it just proves that I can spend my life worrying about who might to what to me or mine, or I can live my life. Odds are, I'd be worried about the wrong things, anyway.

Mike said...

That is a nice picture.

Mo said...

This a fantastic photo! I'm glad I discovered your blog. As far as crime try not to let it get you down. You live in one of the world's most exciting cities, that unfortunately includes a few kooks.

Kitty said...

Suzanne, I hope you're feeling better. That's scary about your neighbor. EEK.

I have to wonder why people are so messed up.

Mike, thanks dear. You'll have to let me know how your new camera works!

Mo, thanks! I look forward to visiting your blog. And YES on the kooks. I've lived near a couple, lol.

The D in D & T said...

I've happily discovered your blog tonight. I'm so glad Louie is doing well. This is a beautiful photo.

Kitty said...

Hi there, D
Welcome and thank you! I look forward to visiting your blog.