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Monday, February 18, 2008

Mission Suspended

Greenpoint Scrap Metal Sign
Photo by myself in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. There are a number of metal and industrial yards in this neighborhood.


Happy President's Day, everyone. It feels great to have a day off.

Yesterday, Mark and I were overly ambitious with our trip to Long Island.

The original plan was to drive up to the 'North Fork' of the island and possibly take the ferry to the 'South Fork'. The island tapers off to the east into a couple jagged fingers. Montauk Point, also known as 'The End' is on located on the South Fork.

I was sold on the concept. Mark said there are a number of sod farms along the North that are visually striking - acres of flat land are covered in sod, with a farmhouse in the background. I was looking forward to taking photos of stunning summer homes and the water on the boat ride.

Alas, just as we got some distance from the city, the sky became completely overcast. The roads were lined with brown grass, brown bushes and brown trees. There was the occasional evergreen, but the overall feeling was 'ick'. So we turned around and drove home.

Mark says that Clive, his Mini Cooper, is the perfect 'touring car', meaning he motors well along scenic, twisty turny roads. Mark is also convinced that since Clive was assembled in England, that he does especially well on twisty turny roads in the rain. Hm.

All I know is that the ride was so comfy, I fell asleep on the way home.

For more on Clive, click here and here.


Reluctant Blogger said...

I'm sure they must be good on wiggly roads. They are very little aren't they. There are certainly a lot of them about over here at the moment.

Shame about the greyness. But I love industrial photos - although power stations at sunset are my favourite. Perhaps next time you fancy an outing you could bear that in mind although I suppose you would be asleep long before sunset!?

Olivier said...

je viens de découvrir ton blog sur NYC, je suis un amoureux de cette ville (je viens en vacances une fois par an a NYC). J'aime beaucoup tes photos avec une préférence pour celle avec la "Metropolitan Life Insurance Building". Bonne continuité dans le monde des DP.
I just discovered your blog on NYC, I am in love with this city (I come on holiday once a year has NYC). I love your photos with a preference for those with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Building. " Good continuity in the world of DP.

Kitty said...

RB - Have you seen the photos by the Bechers? They're a German couple that photographed industrial buildings in large format.

There's a poop plant in Greenpoint that I'll have to get a photo of. It's got orange tile and stainless steel, a real beauty!

Olivier - thanks for visiting! I quite enjoyed your Daily Photo site as well! Merci!

Tammy said...

I'm glad you had a relaxing drive even if you didn't get to take any pictures. Hugs ~ Tammy

Spandrel Studios said...

Was in a Mini Cooper just once, and I was totally surprised at how roomy they are! They're such smart-looking cars, able to squish into the tiniest of parking spaces. Falling asleep in Clive is the ultimate testament to its ridability, I'd say!

penpusher said...

Hello :)

Clive looks adorable! Minis are such good city cars. My friend has one with the Union Jack painted on the rooftop, and he's 6 foot 2, a very interesting sight indeed, hehe.

Happy Monday to you too :)

Kitty said...

Thanks Tammy dear!

Spandrel, yes, it's funny how tiny they look especially when someone's in them. But once inside, it's not so bad. You just have to be limber, haha.

PP, thank you! They're great for finding parking spaces in a pinch. Happy Tuesday!

Mike said...

Hi Kitty! I actually drove once to Montauk in bad weather, showers type and grey skys. The mood is so different than on a sunny day.

I kind of liked it though. I would have took some pictures. I will return there this summer again.

Kitty said...

hey Mike
I agree, it's a pretty area.
Photos are a bit challenging to take on a gray day!