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Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Place Serves All

Before the Knicks Game
Photo by myself in front of Madison Square Garden at 34th Street and 8th Avenue.

Raised above the street, this public plaza is busy at all times of the day. There can be a basketball game occurring inside alongside a three ring circus. The outdoor digital screen brings a bit of the arena outside.


I have to admit that I went to the cat show at Madison Square Garden several years ago.

There, I said it. I like cats, I thought it'd be fun, so I went.

It was a while ago, but I remember walking by rows and rows of tables with cat contestants. Some were in cages, some were in their carriers. Some were being preened and prepped for judging.

One woman was brushing a long haired white cat, fluffing its fur and sprinkling it with baby powder. Then she would lift the cat a couple feet above the table and let the cat drop and gently land on its toes. The whole process was repeated several times.

There were signs advertising cat breeders. There were cat products for sale. There were cat breeds I'd never heard of before, and a special group of cats that audience members had brought in to show. It was overwhelming and interesting.

And on the way out of the arena, I dropped in on the New York Rangers hockey game. Woohoo.


Ha Ha Sound said...

I've never been to the cat show. When is it? I'd totally be up for checking it out. Sounds like it'd be fun.

Kitty said...

Hey Ha Ha

I think there's a show every October, which makes sense since that's hockey season, too. Here's a link to a review of last year's show (and a photo of a well-groomed feline)

Olivier said...

The World's Most Famous Arena : "The Madison Square Garden" la mecque du sport. J'aime beaucoup son architecture et cette superbe entrée avec le ballon de basket.
The World's Most Famous Arena: "The Madison Square Garden" the mecca of the sport. I love architecture and this beautiful entry with the basketball.

Eva said...

Madison Square Garden is one of the places I never got around to visit. Thanks for the view.

I have never been to a cat show, but I covered a dog show once. For some reason, I believe the animals like being outdoors better than being on a show. Heck, my dog loves to swim, even if the water is black with dirt. I can't imagine dusting him with powder.


Fredrik said...

Great picture! I guess the MSG is a must when you visit NYC.
I have another photo suggestion for you. We hear a lot about Williamsburg in Brooklyn in the media. That it is the hot spot in New York right now. A lot a artists, musicians and creative souls seems to living there. Would be interesting to see what it looks like.

Anonymous said...

The place to be or go in NYC. I think I have seen all the major fights on TV from there and have watched many basketball games. Lots of exciting things. Nice post. I never have seen the outside until you posted it today.

The Barber Bunch said...

It must be amazing there! What an amazing Facility.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
You know New York quite well! The MSG area is only for the brave. There are so many people there!

Hi Eva
I think cats aren't designed for showing, and dogs belong outside, too. The cats I saw were unusual in that they did what their trainers told them to do, lol.

Hi Fredrick
I haven't been to Wburg in a little bit. Mark and I have a few favorite restaurants and bars there. We'll have to go soon!

Meanwhile I took photos earlier here and here.

Funny that news of Williamsburg has traveled so far!

Hi Mr Lincoln
Yes they have fights there, too! What a busy place indeed

Hi Carolyn
Amazing and busy, lol. I rarely go over to that area because of the crowds!

Tammy said...

A cat show and a hockey all at the same place. Very cool!

Adam said...

As an avid hockey fan and former Knicks fan, I of course knew of MSG, but until you said there was a kitty show next to a Rangers game, I never realized how big that place is!

Kitty said...

Hey Tammy
Funny, eh?

Hi Adam
I'd love to see a plan of the place and see how it all fits together.

Ming the Merciless said...

Do you realize that a cat will eat the carcass of its owner if he/she dies in the house alone whereas a dog will starve to death and lie next to the owner, right?!?!?!

Just saying!!

Kitty said...

haha, Ming. You crack me up.
Those dastardly cats...