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Saturday, May 10, 2008

If You're Happy, Clap Your Hands

Dancing on the Subway
Photo by myself on the subway tonight.

After a long day, it was something else to witness someone singing to himself and shimmying on the subway. This dude was twirling about, chanting and twitching frantically in front of his reflection in the subway window.

You see all sorts on the train. People are usually sullen, or tired, or angry, or crazy, or neutral. This person was so obviously happy. I've never seen anyone like him. How refreshing after a tough day.

Other passengers felt the same and broke out into giggles. Some looked about to cry. I tried to take photos, but it was useless. I was hanging onto a pole with one hand, tottering around in heels while the train went stop-go.

I didn't get any good pictures, but I felt this one captured the feeling of the train tonight: energized, fun and a little nuts.

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The Barber Bunch said...

The things you see on the subway!

My thought would be he is happy OR crazy as a Loon!!

Great Shot!

Eva said...

Some people can just show up and make other people happy by being who they are. I love these people.

I, on the other hand, have not been much of a cheer for the last days. I've been down with a horrible flu and a painful bronchities. But I already feel better now after visiting your blog. It's so refreshing!

Eva :-)

Anonymous said...

So many people hold their emotions in. Glad this guy made you all giggle.

Kitty said...

Thanks Carolyn
You see all types, lol, and so rarely are people visibly happy. So often the crazy ones are ranting, but this one was special :-)

Hi Eva
I'm sorry to hear you're so sick. Wow, from food poisoning to the flu to bronchitis. Eek.

Do take it easy, dear! Maybe this is a time to rest and accumulate recipes you'll make when you're well?

Morning Mr Lincoln
Agreed. People in NY are especially stoic, and it was nice to see someone positive for a change!

Susu said...

The metro here in Paris is full of people who, like in all big cities, look into the emptiness, wishing "they were already there". What a perky surprise to come across someone different!

Mab said...

He looks in a world of his own.It's good that he was spreading a bit of happiness,did he realise this or not?

Kitty said...

Hi Susu
I want to shake those people and say they should enjoy the moment, even if it's a little boring! It's a good thing to remember, that those empty moments are lost.

Hi Mab
This fellow cracked himself up. Several times his headphones slid off because of his frenzied dance. It was nice that he took the laughter in stride.

Gudl said...

This is cute! I am always impressed by people in the subway who don't care what others think of them.
I mean, I like it that he is happy, but I would be too shy to sing in front of all those strangers who watch me.
You really see EVERYTHING in NYC, don't you?

Spandrel Studios said...

That is a riot, Kitty! I love public/private moments like that... Recently, I spotted a guy on a corner, practicing his boxing moves - jabbing the air, testing out his footwork, and making right and left hooks - all while he appeared to be waiting at a bus stop! In suburbia, no less!

Tammy said...

I've sung along to the radio in the car, but never on a subway. hehehe!

Kitty said...

Hi Gudl
This one was not shy at all, lol. That I could tell.

Hi Spandrel
How funny? It's nice how some folks can be utterly themselves.

lol, Tammy

The Only Living Girl in New York said...

Did this man happen to be listening to a cassette player? Because I recognize this man as one I've seen dancing, looking at his reflection, and singing.

Kitty said...

Welcome Only Girl
Yes, it was some sort of cassette player, and I think I've seen him more than once, so it's a regular thing.
It had some kind of setting on it so when he spoke into one end, his voice was modified, I think.

Thanks for visiting, I look forward to reading your blog when I have a chance!