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Monday, June 23, 2008

Damned Yankees

Bay Ridge Storefront
Photo by myself in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Mark is addicted to cookies from a bakery in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He makes the 50+ block drive over for a batch, which he then stores in ziplock baggies.

This storefront belongs to a quaint Greek grocery store in Bay Ridge. You can see a reflection of a Greek flag in the glass.


The past week was a busy one for both Mark and I. He finished up a shoot for a major corporate website.

He did such a good job, the client gave him four tickets to the Sunday Yankees game against Cincinnati (the Yanks won, 4-1).

We were all set to go with another couple, but were both pooped from the week. Friday we went to a rooftop party in Long Island City. Saturday we had people over for a barbeque of our own. By the time Sunday morning rolled around, all we wanted to do was stay at home and nest.

So he decided to forgo the game. Mark sold a pair on Craigslist. That left a pair left, at 10am. The game started at 1:30.

'Anyone with a Yankees cap, I'm going to see if they want em,' he said.

On the way out of the apartment, we ran into a neighbor, whose young son had a Yankees cap. Unfortunately, they had plans for the afternoon. Then we drove to Bay Ridge for cookies.

We ran into a couple on the sidewalk, one wearing a Yankees cap. They were surprised to be approached by strangers bearing free baseball tickets, but they were too busy to go. Finally, just as we were getting back into the car, a lanky young guy sidled by with a blue Yankees cap and a tatooed forearm.

'Hey bro, you wanna go to the Yankees game? Starts in 45 minutes. If you jump on the train now, you can make it.'

The guy had to work in the afternoon, but Mark pressed him anyway. Maybe he knew someone in the neighborhood? They shook hands and we left him there, a little astonished by the random encounter.

Before today, I never noticed how many Yankees cap wearers there are around here. Seeing three people within a half hour is a lot.

Hopefully someone enjoyed the seats!

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Marie-Noyale said...

So you had a choice,
it was either a goat roasted on the barbecue..
or a Baseball game with some cookies???

Tammy said...

I'm not into baseball, but I LOVE COOKIES! ;o)

Kitty said...

Welcome Marie-Noyale
lol, well, we were too tired to go to the game. And the cookies were delicious.

Hi Tammy
I'm like you. Baseball takes a certain patience that I don't have. For whatever reason, the games were so much more interesting when I was younger.