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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is it Hot Enough For You?

Summer cottage on the Island
Photo by myself this weekend of a shingled summer house by the shore, in Greenport, Long Island.

Greenport is a small town on the northern fork of Long Island. Montauk is located at the very end of the southern fork.


New York is currently experiencing an early heat wave. It's been hot and humid in the 90's. From first thing in the morning to late at night, it's been uncomfortably hot. All you hear outside is the hum of air conditioning.

I feel bad for the guys who wear suits to work. Mark is lucky to wear long shorts, short sleeved shirts and sneakers. 'Dressed up' for him means and untucked, button down shirt.

There aren't tons of suits in my neighborhood, but I see them on the subway and on the platform, standing uncomfortably still.

They look like short-haired pointers in the field - unwavering and anxious, trying to catch the breeze generated by passing trains and pedestrians. The platforms are oppressively hot nowadays, though not nearly as bad as they will be a month from now.

Yes, and the stations have begun to reek. Portions of stairways and streets smell of human urine or garbage, depending on the breeze and time of day. It's just all too close, too hot, too humid. And it's not even officially summer yet.

Tonight was very, very hot and humid, as Mark and I sauntered home from dinner. It felt like we were trailing behind a bus, or any other large piece of machinery. Once again, I had eaten too much, and I was being led by my distended tummy as we walked leisurely down the slope that Park Slope is known for.

It was all we could do to keep our thoughts cool and pleasant. Only yesterday, we were walking along farm stands, two city slickers picking out pints of freshly picked strawberries. And now here we were, stumbling along the hot asphalt, home.

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Eva said...

I think the city smells so different in the summer. It's like every smell becomes stronger and last longer.

The smell I mostly associate with NYC is the smell of the subways and the smell of pretzels. I love pretzels, and I don't care that they are too salty and contain too many unrefined carbs. It's one of these things that makes life worth living! :-D

Spandrel Studios said...

The last time I was in New York, it was during a June heatwave like this one. There was nothing I could do to keep cool other than stay indoors.

And those subway smells - yikes!

Your Long Island photos offer a window into some of the best of summer: cool, green grass and lounge chairs. My favorites!

Kitty said...

Hi Miss Eva
as a serious cook, you must have a very sensitive sniffer. I can't imagine your walking through the city, lol.
Pretzels are wonderful. I love the huge nuggets of salt. Standing near a pretzel cart wouldn't be much fun though.

Morning Miss Spandrel
Long Island is a new item in my NY experience. I didn't know much of it before meeting Mark except heresy. Now that we have Clive, we can go all the time (thank goodness!)

Tammy said...

It was so hot here yesterday 36C, that it made me feel sick. I hate the heat.

BrianC said...

At times like this, I'm glad my sense of smell isn't that great, so I avoid the more noisome aspects of the stations. I took the L and 6 trains this morning and the heat was oppressive. At least the platform at Union Square had those overhead fans. And huzzah for long shorts and t-shirts and sandals, my work garb throughout the summer.

Anonymous said...

I love the heat but not if I have to travel by public transport - all those nasty sweaty smelly bodies!!

It's often so hard to think yourself back to relaxing weekends and the places you've been when you are back to the daily grind.

Hope it cools down a bit for you soon.

Mab said...

Hi Kitty, yuk those city smells sound like a nightmare, being in London in summer was bad enough so I can't imagine what it's like in NY.
Do you have a lot of people with respiratory ailments out there,ie asthma and the like?
We only have to contend with good old country smells like the local farmer ploughing in manure, which I have to say can make your eyes water sometimes lol :) Mab.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ugh, I hate it. It reeks!! I was on a non air-conditioned subway car last night with a load of sweaty folk pressed up against me. Not fun!!

Ming the Merciless said...

I've been hiding in my burrow all weekend and only went outdoors to forage for grubs when the sun went down.

I hate hot, muggy summers.

Kitty said...

Hi Tammy
I'm the same as you. The heat makes me sick but AC makes me sick too. Hopefully this will curb my appetite, lol.
Take good care. Stay cool!

Hi Brian
you're lucky with your dress code and even luckier if you can get away with sandals. I feel badly for guys since sandals aren't so accepted as they are for women.

Thanks RB
You'll have to let me know whether it ever gets so humid in Britain. Somehow, I think not?

Haha, Mab. I can't imagine manure. Eek.
People have asthma more due to dust. The city is just naturally grimy, as I imagine London must be.

I used to leave my windows open in my last apt and the wood sill would become grimy with dirt and dust. And I lived on the fourth floor!

Hi Fish
Ugh on the lack of A/C. I don't know what's worse in that case, being in that car or on the platform, with the cars blowing hot air on you. So bad!

Hi Ming
I have to wonder who can take it? People born in the tropics? This week has been awful, the worst!