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Thursday, July 3, 2008

How's About a Ride?

Photo by myself near the Empire State Building, on Fifth Avenue and 35th Street.

Pedicabs line up where the tourists are. Cabbies provide chit chat, comfort and gas-less travel.


Happy July, everyone. Mark and I cannot believe it's no longer May.

The city is cramped with people right now. Sidewalks spill over at the corners with people, waiting for the light to change.

On top of the crowds, we're going through a humid spell, where thunderstorms roll in almost every afternoon. Fortunately, intrepid visitors haven't been put off.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't get to see the picture but was here looking for it.

Julie said...

Are they registered? I cannot see a plate of any sort. I can imagine them being popular with tourists around the more laid-back parts of the city but not through the traffic-jammed blocks.

That yellow is a knock-out in photographs.

Kitty said...

Morning Mr Lincoln
Dunno what the deal was, the photo seems ok now.

Thanks Julie
There are laws about everything here, so I'd assume there is some fee and structure involved. I would think it's dangerous, with taxis making quick turns and bike messengers about. Besides, there's no A/C!

Patrizia said...

I never saw one of those in the USA!

Do you see many Italian tourists? Euro vs. Dollar is helping us a lot this summer!

Kizz said...

Have you ever ridden in a pedicab? They're awesome. I'm recommending them for all my out of town visitors, above the horse and carriage rides in the park. Much more interactive and hilarious plus you get where you're going!

ken mac said...

i like the yellow!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love those things. The boys were nagging me to go on one when we were in Berlin in the Autumn but it was a bit chilly. But yeah, I guess it would be the opposite in NY in July - far too hot with all those traffic fumes floating in the air.

What a good way to get fit though - working one of those. Well, except you'd need a face mask I suppose.

Tammy said...

That looks like a fun way to travel.