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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Through the Roof

Through the Roof
Photo by myself, on Prince Street in Soho.

Several small blackboards advertising apartments lay outside a real estate office.


It's hard to believe that the above are real rents advertised for real apartments. Yikes.

The one-bedroom on Prince Street for $2,600/month, for instance, could mean anything from a real one-bedroom with a decent Living Room, Kitchen, full Bathroom and Bedroom, to something strikingly different, (ie; a shoebox).

I can imagine a tiny bedroom with just enough space to fit a double bed, a kitchen in a corner and a Living Room with enough space for a sofa and television.

I'm sure there are folks out there who have lots of money to burn, and who just want to live in the middle of Soho. Who wouldn't?

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Jilly said...

Love the shot. Ummmm, yes, everything is going up here too.

Kelly said...

Great shot. Yike! Those rents are very high!

Kitty said...

Hi Jilly
I'd imagine that your home city, with its lovely views and water, would just keep sky rocketing in price. The Riviera will always be desirable.

Thanks Kelly
A little nuts, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kitty!

I just finished my first year of college (eek!) and took 2 photo classes. All o four pictures were in B&W and done with film SLRs. I've been reading about your journey with photography and i think the best things I learned all year are take as many photos as you can and don't limit yourself! While pictures of people are great, so are ones of little details. I know you like your point and shoot but I would suggest messing around with your dSLR as much as you can! knowing about f/stops and shutter speeds and such can really help to get the photos you want! OK end rant! love your blog!

Ming the Merciless said...

So who are these people paying $$$$ for apartments in the city?

I mean, not everyone can be lawyers or investment bankers (well, not investment banks now).

cadiz12 said...

i just got back from visiting a friend who lives in Hell's Kitchen and pays exorbitant rent for a shoebox that doesn't even get enough light to keep his sickly bamboo plant alive. but he loves it!

Tammy said...

OMG that is unreal!!! How do people afford that?

Kitty said...

Hi Anon
Congrats on the photo course and thanks for the vote. I'll try and lug the SLR more often, on the weekends. With bringing my lunch, my purse, my phone, etc., my tote bag will have to be reinforced, lol!

Hi Ming
I am clueless about who these people are, able to pour money down the proverbial drain. It's nuts, I tell you, but I see these people everywhere, in the course of my day and job!

Welcome Cadiz
Hell's Kitchen is fun. Great food, of course, and it's lively. A little too lively sometimes with the crowds. I can imagine your buddy is just having a blast, drinking and eating it up.

My condolences to the bamboo plant.

Hi Tammy
I dunno how people can afford those rents. I'd love to know their secret!

Suzanne Says... said...

I should bookmark this post and come back on the 1st of each month as I bitch about making my $750 mortgage payment. Bitching because before I refi'd (like a dummy) it was only $353 for 1100 sq.ft. 3bdrm/1bath with a huge pool and surrounding deck in the backyard.


Kitty said...

wow, Suzanne
you'd think that before anything, they'd let you know how much the monthly cost would be after refinancing?

That's a huge difference...but still an amazing deal by NYC standards