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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Makes Your Skin Crawl

81st Street Subway Station
Photo by myself in the subway station on the Upper West Side, at 81st Street and Columbus Avenue.

Located in front of the Museum of Natural History, this subway station is decorated with playful tile mosaics of animals and insects. Downstairs, the platform is lined with bronze bas-reliefs of dinosaur fossils.

Not often enough, subway art reflects the location of the station.


It's a short week this week since July 4th, Independence Day, falls on Friday. There will be fireworks set off from various locations along the East and Hudson Rivers, between Brooklyn, Manhattan, Roosevelt Island and New Jersey.

I will forever associate July 4th with sweltering humidity and crowds of strangers.

One year in particular is burned into memory, where a group of us waited for eons on an overpass along the East River. There were quiet territory wars between us and the people around us, while sweat and beer poured liberally.

Never again!

Mark and I aren't sure what we'll be doing for the 4th yet, but I salute those who plan to stand in a crowd.

Click here for a guide showing where the excitement will be, this 4th of July.

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Julie said...

They're coming to get him ... they're coming to get him ... and he looks as though he does not give a damn!!


My God, I thought I'd lost you and your wonderful pics! For a while your profile wasn't available and I thought that you had quitted the blogging biz.
What a relief. Good to see you're around!


Kitty said...

lol Julie
Nice seeing you here. I love your Sydney Daily Photo blog.

Hi Jamjar
I wonder what that was about? Blogger has been moody I guess.

glad you came by!

Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh I hate those territory wars. I like big events but I hate to feel squashed or pushed!!

I intend to celebrate on Friday too despite the fact that I have no connections with America at all. I don't need an excuse really, do I? I've told the boys we are going to eat American food on Friday and they are allowed for once to speak in American accents (they like to do that!), listen to only US music and watch an American film (oops I mean "movie")

ken mac said...

that kid looks pretty spooked to me!

Olivier said...

surprenant tous ces insectes. la station de metro du AMNH est vraiment tres belle.

Surprisingly all these insects. the metro station of AMNH is really very beautiful.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

The first year I was here I watched the fireworks with my roommate from the roof of her boyfriend's apartment in the building at the very end of Jay St in DUMBO. A great place to watch if you know someone over there.

Tammy said...

That wall is too freaky! The bugs make it look like something out of a horror movie. Ewww...I don't like bugs.

Spandrel Studios said...

Back in 1987, the We the People Celebration (200th anniversary of the Constitution) in Philadelphia featured the most spectacular display of fireworks I'd ever seen. Four of us ended up finding a great perch near the water on Penn's Landing that afforded us an incredible view... and were lucky enough to find ourselves surrounded by a fun, happy crowd. Every once in a while, my friend led dozens of people all around us in a rousing a chant of "We the [clap-clap] Peo-ple! [clap-clap]" and people all around us joined in. A totally fun and spirited evening. Even more surprising that it was amongst a crowd of strangers!

the donG said...

i like those paintings on the walls. it looks real but the size tells you it's not.

Kitty said...

How cool that you'll be celebrating with us, across the ocean? I would love to know what you'll be having for dinner!

lol Ken Mac. He looks a little out of it, yes.

Thanks for the link, Olivier. I didn't realize there were so many mosaics, but I see there are tunnels to get across to the other side, too.

It's a nice thing. They must have known there'd be a lot of kids visiting.

Hi Fish
Rooftops are the best, aren't they, since you have a limited crowd to compete with. A rooftop July 4th party is an intimate treat.

lol Tammy. I'm no bug lover either. Anything with more than 4 legs....eek.

Hi Spandrel
That sounds like a special evening. I love such events when strangers can find common ground, if only for an instant.

Hi The Dong
well, they're mosaics actually, made of tiny bits of tile. Someone labored over each of them with care.