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Monday, July 28, 2008

A Work in Progress

WTC Progress
Photo by myself of the construction at the World Trade Center, along the West Side Highway.

Several cranes were on the site, having completed the basement levels. The only direction now is up.


Mark and I drove into the city on Sunday for errands and lunch. We passed by the World Trade Center where construction is in full progress. Several cranes were swinging to and fro, carrying building materials.

Later we drove down Second Avenue. For blocks, traffic was reduced to one lane, due to street repairs. Steel plates were being positioned in place, new bus shelters were being installed and a policeman directed traffic.

The city is a living, growing thing. It's not just the fabulous mix of people, but their backdrop as well.

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Olivier said...

tout le monde attend avec impatience, les tours de la liberté.

everyone is looking forward, the towers of freedom.

Fredrik said...

As an architect, what do you think about the project at Ground Zero? What would you do, if you were in charge?

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
I'm curious to see how it all turns out, too

Hi Fredrik
Hm...to leave the site blank would have been a cop out; it's a huge area and the developer would never had been happy with it.

I think a multi-use project, as they have planned, is the way to go - a park, a memorial that people can visit, and several towers. Two towers would have been too literal.

I wish the towers related to one another more. Even though they are all modern, to me they look too distinct and independent. I wish they tied together on the ground or an upper level.

I do like the Memorial planned by Arad and Walker. Simple, relying on voids to imply the missing towers.

In all, a tough design problem.

ken mac said...

in full progress? work at WTC site is perpetually stalled and though there are cranes, they have been there for more than a year while nothing seems to rise. It's embarassing. Seven years later and Ground Zero is still a hole in the earth, with nothing new to soothe the horror of that day.

Atila said...

He llegado a tu blog casualmente y despues de visitarlo me ha quedado un buen sabor de boca.me gusta tu manera de mostrar la vida cotidiana en N.Y.

PJ said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the memorial but not megalithic structures.

omami said...

after september 11 It must still be painful to even look at ground zero!!

Tammy said...

I like your idea about what you would do with the site! I think it's a great idea!

• Eliane • said...

I can wait to see something coming out of the ground!

Kitty said...

Hi Ken
It might have been 7 years, but at least a year was spent dealing with what happened. Nothing could have been done right away, out of respect to the relatives of the victims.

Then they had to decide on a competition and then hold the competition. It's been a long time, I agree, and the owner must have lost tons of money due to the wait.

Welcome Atila
I'll have to visit your blog soon. Thank you for visiting from Spain!

I agree. The towers won't be anything super special. I'm not a fan of skyscrapers.

Hi Omami
It's still mind boggling to go to the site, which is always mobbed with people. I find it disconcerting to be there.

Thanks Tammy, you're too cute!

Hi Elaine
It'll be interesting and probably all over the news. I have a feeling the memorial will turn out nicely.