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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just Desserts

Photo by myself in Brooklyn.

Here's another photo from our walk around the neighborhood this weekend. On the summer streets, you can get a serving of shaved ice with flavored syrup to cool yourself off.


Speaking of street vendors, there was a report last night on the local news of a couple kids and their lemonade stand in Battery Park City.

The stand was temporarily shut down by a city park guard because they didn't have a permit (!!!!). (I was trying to find a link to the story, but it hasn't made it to the internet).

The kids told the reporter they'd offer the mayor half price on their lemonade. Eventually, the police recanted and they were allowed back to business.

This city can be a little nuts.

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Olivier said...

les célèbres marchands ambulants de NYC, ils font le charme de cette ville. beau portrait

the famous street vendors in NYC, they are the charm of this city. beautiful portrait


Aww, I want some! It's freezing here but I think I'd like to try some anyway! What kind of syrup flavours are there?


Meead S. said...

I missed your blog for a few days. Nice photos!

ilhamks said...

similar with my place here. i want strawberry flavour pleaaseeeee...

Susu said...

Mmm... looks yummy. And I can just imagine the slurps' refreshing effect in the middle of the summery city heat. Speaking of which, haven't really seen the temperatures rise here in Paris!

tam said...

I love shaved ice!!!

D.C. Confidential said...

Shaved ice is the best! I have a shaved ice machine and it's a complete hit with friends.

I'm probably the only one who would notice this, but I love the bag of Marcal napkins hanging on the side of this guy's cart. I've toured the paper mill in New Jersey where these are made. They're products are 100% recycled content.

And on that tangent, I'll go away now! :-)

Lily Hydrangea said...

I'm glad you said something D.C. I like that too!
Yeah Kitty, one time my Dad was riding his bike around town with a for sale sign on it and a policewoman made him take the sign off his bike.

Tammy said...

I love snow cones!