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Friday, August 15, 2008

A Peek at the Planetarium

The Planetarium
Photo by myself, of the Hayden Planetarium at the Natural History Museum, at 81st Street and Columbus Avenue.

You can see the trussed structure within, that supports the exterior glass and models of planets. The larger curve is a part of a huge spherical theater inside.

Visit the museum to view a giant simulated night sky, movies showing a moon walk and photos from space.


I have to admit I've never really been to the planetarium shown above, since tickets are so costly.

The entrance fee alone is $15. Then to see the huge screen, IMAX movies, it's 24 bucks. Special exhibits held at the Museum of Natural History, next door, are 24 bucks. I mean, geez.

I'd once been invited to see the exhibit on Petra several years ago. My host and I had been seduced by the advertising, which used the classic image of an Italianate facade carved entirely from a rock face.

The exhibit turned out just okay. Pretty dry.

(Note to self: don't fall for pretty pictures!)

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Hilda said...

Nice framing! I thought the largest sphere was supposed to be the sun and I was wondering why the planets were so close. ;D

Have a great weekend!


Plantetarium huh? It's obviously about space but I've got no idea about the kind of things that they sctually show you in there - is it like model planets and stuff?

Scarlet x

Wayne said...

I haven't been to our planetarium in years. They like, or used to like, to put on concerts with recorded music by the likes of Dire Straits or Elton John.
Cosmic images are shown on the ceiling and the sound is great.
But I'm afraid I wouldn't pay $24. or even $15. to get in.
Inflation is leaving us in the dust.

Terry B said...

First, a beautiful photo! You got me curious about the admission fees so I went to the American Museum of Natural History's website. What a non-user friendly mess! Information is hard to find and then confusing. That said, I saw that the $15 admission fee is a suggested fee--you can pay what you wish. And for $24, you can get into the museum and then choose either the planetarium show or the IMAX theater. It's not on top of the original $15. Still steep, but less onerous. Hope that helps.

And to jamjarsuperstar, planetarium shows are typically stars and other views of space projected inside the domed ceiling, creating the illusion of seeing the night sky or even traveling in space. Often very cool.

ken mac said...

This looks the side of the stage at an interstellar rock concert. Nice...see through..

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I love this photo!! There's something about the planetarium that really appeals to me, maybe it's my mathematical training and I appreciate all those squares and circles ;-)

There are some great exhibits inside, Tom Hanks does much of the narration if I recall correctly, but I agree it's pricey.

Kitty said...

Thanks Hilda

Hi Scarlet
yes, they're model planets...I guess to show the relative sizes of them?

Welcome Wayne
I look forward to visiting your blog

I guess the visitors can afford such tickets with the exchange rate, but the price is a little steep for most.

Thanks Terry
The 'suggested' part helps hugely!
I often rationalize not paying near the suggested amount, since I pay taxes here.

lol Ken. Good point

Hi Fish
I'll have to finally go sometime. I remember loitering in the lobby, which you can do for free. The photos of the moon were incredible.

Lily Hydrangea said...

It's worth it! I just went this summer. It's not the greatest movie, though you do feel like you are in outer space somewhat & it does put things in perspective, like for instance, how infinite the universe is. It's more of a visual treat with interesting info than entertainment.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I like the angle you chose here Kitty, including the tree. I photographed this while I was there too, but couldn't get what I was looking for. I'd like to go back at night and try. I think it's all lit up then.