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Monday, September 1, 2008

CDP Theme Day - Sister Cities

The Chain Bridge in Budapest
Photo by Zsolt, of the Daily Photo blog Budapest Daily Photo.

Nope, this isn't a bridge in New York. It's actually a scene from Budapest.

The monthly Theme Day among the daily photo blogs this month is 'Sister Cities'. Blogs were encouraged to post a photo of their sister city, by either visiting the other city or swapping photos with another Daily Photo site.

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Zsolt, of Budapest Daily Photo, took the above photo of the gorgeously festooned Chain Bridge, a well-known suspension bridge in Budapest.

Budapest is one of New York's several sister cities (our other sister cities include Tokyo, Beijing, Cairo, Madrid, Rome, Jerusalem and Johannesburg). Zsolt had suggested to swap photos of bridges, so I sent him a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Our photos are remarkably similar. Though my photograph was taken in the morning and Zsolt's at night, both images are focused on one of the bridges' piers, and both show a part of the city beyond.

I have yet to visit Budapest, and hope to someday. I imagine a cosmopolitan city of great culture, history and people.

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Olivier said...

ce pont de nuit est magnifique, il pourrait faire parti des ponts new yorkais ;o)

this bridge at night is magnificent, it could be part of the New York bridges :o)

USelaine said...

Gorgeous! I've actually walked across that bridge. 8^) Nice choice.

Susu said...

I once got lucky and obtained a scholarship to go on a 2-week ballet camp in Budapest. It was in 1994 and the country was in a very active change... It must be so different today - and even then it was quite stunning at the riverside!

babooshka said...

I have already checked out your sister city, and it'a a fine choice.

Islipian said...

What constitutes a "sister city"??

tam said...

It's very beautiful! You both took wonderful shots. The theme is great too. Now I am wondering if my city has a sister city? Time to do some research! Thanks Kitty for sharing!

Kelly said...

Great choice, Kitty, particularly since it is a shot that at first gance might be New York. I am off to see your photo!

Mo said...

We are sister cities too. NYC has a large family.

Lily Hydrangea said...

what a wonderful idea to exchange photos with your sister city.
lovely shot, makes me want to go there.

Eva said...

I love the idea of posting a picture from your siste city! :-)

I've been to Budapest. As much as i'd like to tell you I loved the city...., I didn't. I dodn't know, it just didn't have the old charm and the people there didn't make me feel welcome. Budapest has got some really wonderful buildings, and I'm a sucker for old stone so I spent two days looking at them.
I'm so sorry but if I were you, I'd rather visit Vienna. I think by far, Vienna is the most beautiful city I have ever been to.

Kim said...

Both bridges are certainly worthy of all the artwork that surrounds their images. A wonderful exchange of images, and perfect choice to feature the bridges. You and Zolte made a very successful pairing for our theme day!
Seattle Daily Photo

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!

Islip, I dunno how they determine these 'sister city' things. Perhaps one local government decides to initiate a relationship with another city?

Tonight Mark told me that he's been to Budapest, and the vibe was a bit different from the European countries he's visited.

I had a lovely experience trading photos. The CDP community is a nice one to belong to.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" didn't register for this meme, but he's had a splendid time visiting those who did.

Andrea said...

This is the photograph that led me to your blog and I am so glad it did.
By the way, Budapest is wonderful, and amazingly beautiful, you shoul definitely visit one day. The food is out of this world !! There is a reason why it's called the pearl of the Danube and the Paris of the east...

What a wonderful pairing with NYC, I hope to visit Budapest's big sister city one day..

(PS. I have a new blog, check it out!)