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Friday, November 28, 2008

Amidst The Rubble, 59th Street

59th Street Station
Photo by myself on the subway platform at 59th Street, Columbus Circle.

This subway station seems to always be under renovation, yet it never looks any better. Stains streak the walls, liquid drips from the crusty ceilings and the platforms are dangerously cluttered with temporary structures.


Mark and I were treated to an incredible feast, Thanksgiving Day.

Our friends' relatives cooked turkey, stuffing and Korean dishes. The wine and heaps of food made for an indulgent meal, and we staggered home (eventually) to fall into a deep coma on the couch.

It's a good thing Thanksgiving comes only once a year!

Hope everyone is having a restful holiday weekend.

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tr3nta said...

unbelievable how the station looks... like it was caught in the last century!!!

Olivier said...

je vois donc que tu as bien profité de Thanksgiving, j'espère que tu as pu sortir du divan ;o)
I see that you benefited Thanksgiving, I hope that you could leave the couch o)

babooshka said...

In such a busy place a moment of solitude. Beautifully taken.

Ken Mac said...

It never looks any better is right. It's been under construction for years! But it still looks better than my local station, the noisy, ugly, rat infested West Fourth St Station (which is really on West 3rd...go figure)

Anonymous said...

LOL! You're right-- it doesn't look any better. ;-) Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving meal.


Fredrik said...

I love the stucco!