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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Musicians and The NYC Marathon

Halloween performance
Photo by myself in the subway station at 34th Street, Halloween night.


A photo from Halloween night - several musicians play jazz in the subway station, one dressed as an angel.

It seems like everything is happening this weekend - Halloween, daylight savings and the New York City Marathon.

I rode by Central Park on Friday in a cab, where they were setting up for the Marathon. Huge trucks were parked outside, laying down electrical lines. Port-o-potties were being unloaded by the dozen. Usually the grandstands lining Central Park West are set up a day ahead to be ready for the crowds at the finish line.

A couple years ago, Mark and I saw the marathon speed by in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Last year, we were trapped in Greenpoint, with the streets and Pulaski Bridge barricaded off to traffic.

Another year, I was returning from Boston on the bus. It took forever to get downtown to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. I remember looking out the window at exhausted runners walking around, wrapped up in shiny blankets.

To run a marathon is a badge of endurance. I know a few people who have done it in New York, including my uncle, who only trained a few months beforehand. Runners enter a lottery system to be allowed to run, since there are so many applicants. Over 100,000 people applied this year and over 39,000 are running.

The NYC marathon winds through Staten Island to Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx before finishing in Central Park. All five boroughs of New York City are thus represented.

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valeria said...

As always, you capture the mood of the moment and for me it's like being there! Thank you Kitty!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Nice shot and it is neat in black and white.

Fredrik said...

What a great picture!
I'd love to see the face of the angel. But on the other hand, now you can fantasize...

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

That angel has great legs!

Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder said...

only in new york, kids, only in new york

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love angels at halloween & this one fits in with this group perfectly. Great shot Kitty!

DeliaVSora said...

This photo's awesome!

Olivier said...

un tres bel ange d'halloween ;o).
belle photo b&w, tout en mouvement.

a beautiful angel Halloween ;o).
beautiful photo b&w, while in motion.

Tammy said...

I bet Halloween is so cool there! Does everyone dress up?

Kitty said...

Thanks Valeria dear!

Hi Mr. Lincoln
thanks...there's a lot going on in this subway station. It only looks good in black and white!

Hi Fredrik
I agree with you. If you saw her from the front, too, you wouldn't see the wings, which are otherworldly in this venue.

Hi Ms. Belgrade,
lol and welcome!

well said, Sterl.
You really never know what to expect here. Round the corner and you can run into anything.

Hi Lily
I like angels, too. As far as costumes go, it's always a flattering choice.

thanks DeliaVSora and welcome!

Thanks Olivier!

Hi Tammy
Halloween here is a bit like a madhouse. Not everyone dresses up, but a lot of people do. Tons of parties go on, and people come in from New Jersey and Connecticut.

The Halloween parade in the West Village, is a humungous riot.

tr3nta said...

beautiful!!!... :-o

who's the angel???... ;-)

SARAHSPY said...

this shot is awesome.