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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

City Views, Mexico

Market, Mexico
Photo by myself in the city of Zihuatenejo, Mexico.

NY Portraits is on vacation in Mexico. Here, a couple shopped for produce Monday morning, in the bustling Centro markets.


I'm showing some city photos today. Monday after breakfast in town, Mark and I walked around a bit, taking in the streets and markets a short drive away from the beach.

Many streets were filled with sheer stuff, from cosmetics to groceries to Santa Claus pinatas. Some streets in the middle of the town were quiet and lined with cafes. There were very few tourists about, and most stuck together to certain areas.


Santas for Sale, Mexico

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Olivier said...

"parlez vous français ?" pour une fois que je comprends l'anglais ;o)). Belle photo, avec une préférence pour la dernière, cela doit faire bizarre de faire noël dans un pays chaud.
"Parlez vous français ?" for once I understand English ;o)). Nice photograph, with a priority for last, it must make strange to make Christmas in a hot country.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love those Santa pinatas!

Mike said...

I wouldn't mind being in a warmer place. It is getting near 15 here at night on some days.

Islipian said...

hmmm...the dangly-headed chicken photo appeals to my sense of the bizarre....

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
Seeing the Santas was a little strange. I wonder whether Mexicans have ever seen snow?

Ha, Lily...Yes, I agree!

Hi Mike
Since you're by the water it must feel much worse? There's nothing like wet and cold weather.

Hi Bettye
I was put off by the chicken heads, too. Eek.

Ken Mac said...

have a great time! More pics please! eat well and please be safe.

tr3nta said...

Did you buy anything here???... the shot is awesome...

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