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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Day After

The Day After, NYC
Photo by myself on the subway, the day after Inauguration Day.

On the subway, Wednesday morning, you could see coverage of the Inauguration in the Chinese newspapers.


We were lucky enough in my office to see the inauguration live on TV. It was a treat to witness a bit of history in the middle of a work day.

There was an audible gasp among my coworkers when the camera panned to show how many people braved the cold that day. (Most of us can't venture more than two blocks for lunch in the cold!)

Did anyone else catch the event live?

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Olivier said...

espérons que le jour d'après ne nous déçoive pas.
hope that the day after we did not disappoint.

Mama Mayborne... said...

i love this not-so-typical piece of recording the event. you have a very good eye!!

Kizz said...

I had all the festivities streaming on my computer at work. Didn't get to leave my desk but I didn't miss anything.

Bibi said...

I'll bet you do 'lap shots,' like I often do. This is a great photo.

Lily Hydrangea said...

your subway photos are always great!

Terry B said...

At my office, most of us had MSNBC streaming live in the corner of our Macs. But when it came time for the Inaugural Address, we gathered in the conference room to share it on TV. A wonderfully moving moment.

Oh, and later on the radio, I heard a British commentator say, "Now that the world's biggest economy is back under adult supervision..." Made my day.

Anonymous said...

I know I was thrilled with the tv coverage and I watched it all. I am glad that we voted for Obama.

Abraham Lincoln's Blog

Spandrel Studios said...

This man is *so* what the country needs at this moment in time. The stars truly are aligned.

Hilda said...

He was on the front page of most of our newspapers too — and we're halfway around the world!
Please vote for the March theme, if you haven't yet. And please help spread the word too! :)