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Friday, January 30, 2009

Entrance to Fifth Avenue

View onto 5th Avenue
Photo by myself on Fifth Avenue, around 40th Street.

Between 42nd Street and 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue, it's not as ritzy as you'd think. There are a variety of souvenir shops and eateries. The Empire State Building is located on 35th Street.


I'm not exactly sure why I like the above photo...perhaps the long shadow on the sidewalk or the people coming into the frame to the right. There's a bit of movement going on, which is always nice.

TGIF everyone!

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valeria said...

I love your scenes of "real life", Kitty! Now I am so envious of this lady here, with a gorgeus coat, walking out on the NY life!!!

Fredrik said...

I like that you caught that guy just standing there on the pavemant. Is he a cop or security? Looks like he's holding a flag or something.

Olivier said...

elle est belle, en effet les ombres, le mouvement et au centre de ta photo le gardien de l'immeuble (enfin je pense). un bel instantan├ę

it is beautiful, indeed shadows, movement and the focus of your photo the guard of the building (well I think). a good snapshot

Susu said...

I like the shot especially because of the framing. And the movement too. Every time I look at your exquisite pics I can't wait to be there - this year it'll happen, most likely in Sept or Oct.

Ken Mac said...

i like the action and direction of the different bodies in motion: across the street, to the left, the lady exiting and the door man looking straight at us

Tammy said...

Is that a doorman outside?
Have a great weekend Kitty! :o)

Anonymous said...

I like your photo, too. I like that this shot is in B&W.