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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shipping Out from Red Hook, Brooklyn

View from Red Hook, Brooklyn
Photo by myself from the coast of Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Shipping cranes in the distance remind us that New York once relied heavily on its harbors. I'm sure the cranes are still being used these days but I have never seen them in action.


Today was extremely cold.

Much too cold to stand outside with any skin uncovered for more than a second. With the temperatures as low as 9 degrees Farenheit, even the most intrepid New Yorkers are being challenged.

Above, a photo from my stash, showing the rosy skies at sunset, from Brooklyn.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Abraham Lincoln said...

I think it is cold everywhere these days.

spandrel studios said...

Bitter temps are forecast for Philadelphia, too. It's bad enough when it's hovering in the single digits... but Weather.com says it feels like *minus* 4!

Lily Hydrangea said...

at least it is sunny out!
Love your sunset Kitty!

Anonymous said...

I like this one. I love sunsets over water and I love industrial landscapes and the cranes give it that to an extent.

9 degrees. Wow! I don't think I would survive a NYC winter.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Yeah, it's wayyyyyy too cold to be out for long. Brrrrr!!!

Love the photo Kitty. Stay warm!!

tr3nta said...

lovely land/seascape... love the sky color.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics of good ole Red Hook. As a kid back in the 70's, my adventurous friends and I use to jump off those abandoned piers in the summer to cool off. It was innocent and fun back then.