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Friday, March 20, 2009

Inhale, Exhale...

Head Shop, the Village
Photo by myself around West 4th Street in the Village.

A dazzling display of hookahs of all shapes and sizes.

Head shops like this one are located in different neighborhoods in the city. It's legal to sell vaporizers, water pipes and rolling papers, which can be used with tobacco and other substances.


TGIF, everyone!

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Fredrik said...

How cool!
Have a nice weekend!

fiziskandarz said...

nice picture! i like :D

Kris said...

They made the public display of bongs illegal here in Tasmania the year before last.

All because of one that was shaped like the former Prime Minister's head. I thought it amusing.

Kitty said...

Thanks Fredrik!
Have a lovely weekend too

Thanks and welcome Fiziskandarz!

Hi Kris
how funny? I find that amusing too and not quite right. They'd have to start banning everything!

Nubia said...

i always consider buying a hookah pipe when i pass these stores, i love flavored tobacco!!!

melly said...

we call this 'smoking sheesha' where i live (: