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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ready to Rumble, in Brooklyn

Harleys in Brooklyn
Photo by myself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

A posse of motorcycle riders revved through Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this weekend. Their rides made quite a statement in this relatively quiet neighborhood.


Believe it or not, there is more than one B. Madoff in the New York City.

As reported in the Times, one B. Madoff was listed in the phone book. Only he wasn't the investor who's in prison for swindling his clients of billions of dollars. This B. Madoff was B. Jeffrey Madoff (pronounced Mad-off), an advertising producer.

It's remarkable to think that B. Jeffrey Madoff only received phone calls and a suspicious package. You'd think that he'd get a lot worse.

I hope the Madoff case doesn't set New York back in terms of our public relations. It's taken a long time for us to overcome the image of being a scary den of crime!

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Olivier said...

réunion de motards, avec en contrasme le vélo, je suis vraiment fan de tes b&w.
bikers' meeting, with there contrasme the bike, I am really fan of your b&w.

dianasfaria.com said...

these guys are great! Nice shot Kitty.
Don't worry, New York will be fine. Everyone understands this could happen anywhere.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Does one of those bikers have dreadlocks?

Fredrik said...

What a wonderful picture. It can see the ad and the headline: Time to deal with midlife crisis.