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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Carousel, Bryant Park

Carousel in color
Photo by myself in Bryant Park, around 42nd Street and 6th Avenue.

There is a working merry-go-round in Bryant Park. Rides are two dollars, and children can take their pick of colorful horses and frogs.


It's not easy to have kids in the city.

Just getting up and down the stairs to the subway is an ordeal - you see young mothers lugging oversized strollers with their child strapped in. Or you see one parent carrying the stroller, the other carrying the child.

The nice thing is that very often, but not always, strangers will offer to help.

It's not like the suburbs here, where kids can wander aimlessly on a bike, or run over to a friend's house.

Granted, the Museum of Natural History or the zoo are all subway rides away. Regardless of distance, all it takes is two bucks to go to a museum or a toy store.

All the people I know who grew up in New York City are very unsheltered. There's something charismatic about them, as if they know they can survive just about anything.

Click here for a night view of the carousel.
Click here for the official carousel site.

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Morty said...

I had no idea there was a carousel in Bryant Park. Good to know for our next excursion into the Big Apple with our five year old in tow.

Abe Lincoln said...

Good for strangers. Children are nice and our children are getting as old as we are. I liked your post. Brought back a lot of reminders when our kids were a lot younger than 50.

Lily Hydrangea said...

this is such a great photo! I love the man & little boy together with the horse's wild expression in the background.

• Eliane • said...

Oooh, maybe we were there on the same day. I took a few pictures a few days ago, at lunch time. The funny thing was that there was one kiddo and the rest were adults.