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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Homeless Man, Central Park

Homeless in Central Park
Photo by myself outside Central Park, around 59th Street and 6th Avenue.

Not the best photo, I know, but one I felt compelled to show.


Incredibly, I haven't sensed a dramatic rise in homeless people in New York, since the economic crisis.

The New Yorker printed a brief article about a census taken of the homeless population in New York every year. On January 26, thousands of volunteers canvassed the streets to obtain an accurate homeless count.

Based on the January 2009 census, The New York Department of Homeless Services has seen a 47% decrease in homelessness since 2005. The 2009 survey showed 775 homeless people in Manhattan, 2325 homeless people overall.

The DHS takes a count of the homeless every day at city shelters, and makes the report public on their website.

For the New Yorker article, click here.
For the Department of Homeless Services website, click here

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Daphne said...

I thought of the old woman in the Mary Poppins movie where Mary sang about feeding the birds.

I think it was a nice shot :)

Susu said...

I'm glad you showed the photo. These are not the most spirit-uplifting shots, but nevertheless pictures we all should face, and to keep in mind. And better yet, do something around us, if we just can, to help.

Velvet Eden said...

This scene reminds me of Home Alone 2, where Macaulay Culkin walks in Central Park at night and his foot gets stuck when he sees the pigeon lady. His foot was stuck in the rock that looks similar to this!

Interesting shot, kitty! Have a great weekend too! =)

D's World said...

Wow! This is so sad and touching!
Maybe it's not the best shot but it certainly carries a strong vibe.
It reminds me of Home Alone:)

Kitty said...

Hi Smiley
Thanks. I wish I could have gotten a closer shot, but I was outside the park, looking in.
I'll have to check out Mary Poppins!

Hi Susu
Yes, I wonder what individuals can do? I generally do not give money to the homeless people I see for a number of reasons - because there are so many, because I worry what they do with the money, because they may be victimized by other homeless.

There should be an easy, commonplace way for citizens to help others, beyond the yearly coat drives.

Welcome Velvet
I don't recall the scene in Home Alone! I bet they have it on YouTube. Thanks for visiting!

Welcome D's Poetry
I'm glad you and the others weren't put off by this image. It's not the typical touristy photos one sees.

dianasfaria.com said...

have you heard of The land Of The Lost Souls, My Life on the Streets written by Cadillac Man? I just heard him on NPR. It was an amazing interview & now I can't wait to get his book.
I like this photo Kitty. Homeless people shouldn't be ignored & it is touching to see this one seems to have an affinity for birds.

Kitty said...

Thanks Lily, I'll have to check out the NPR interview.
Homelessness is an issue we can't ignore. Glad to find like-minded people through my post!