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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Carriage Horse, Central Park South

Carriage Horse, NYC
Photo by myself on 59th Street, near Sixth Avenue.

There are always carriage horses standing along Central Park South, waiting to take visitors out for a spin. Some wear feathers and pull decorated cars. This horse was trying to enjoy a meal, but for the pigeons.

This photo commemorates the Kentucky Derby, which ran on Saturday.


Animal lovers will be happy to know that humane laws protect the carriage horses in New York. The ASPCA ensures that the horses are not worked more than nine hours a day, and never work in weather under 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are many animal rights advocacy groups trying to eradicate the carriages, at war with the carriage drivers, who care for their animals. I'm glad there are people looking out for the horses. It's surprising how often I think about the horses, on the very hot and very cold days.

To view the humane laws protecting the carriage horses, click here.
To read about the carriage trade from a driver's point of view, click here.

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Susu said...

I'm glad to hear that there are regulations to protect the hard-working, never-complaining horses.

Paul said...

Doubt it was this horse, but they featured in Kate & Leopold the Meg Ryan film.
If I ever see a working horse here in Yorkshire I always go over and say hi. Never have a carrot on me though.

Lily Hydrangea said...

what a pretty horse. Love this photo Kitty.

MichaleenFlynn said...

Great pic, beautiful horse.

You are correct that there is a large block of comprehensive, enforced laws that pertain to the NYC carriages and the horses (which, by the way, go far beyond just weather restrictions - NYC carriage horses have more oversight than children in this city.)

However, I must point out that you are incorrect that the groups who are trying to eradicate us are "looking out for the horses".

It is we, the carriage owners, who "look out" for our horses.

It is we, the owners, who provide top-quality stables, food, farrier & vet care for our horses.

It is we, the owners, who provide vacations & retirement.

It is we, the owners, who groom and pet and give treats to our horses, spending the entire day with them, and loving them.

If the anti-carriage groups ( who are very small in number but very vocal) had their way, they would eliminate an historic, humane, and iconic business - and by putting our horses out of work, contribute to the already vast number of unwanted horses across this country, which has worsened considerably with the current economic crisis. These same groups also often malign, vilify, and lie about us and our horses to further their extremist agenda.

On the other hand, we, the owners, give our horses a reasonable, content existence, and a purpose in life, while delighting people of all ages day in and day out.

As far as 'standing around on hard pavement', you can rest assured that each and every horse is specially shod for pavement, and that 90% of the time they are either standing or walking, not trotting or running, which greatly reduces concussion, and they do just fine. It is much more demanding on a horse to do any number of things, including jumping events, racing, polo, etc.

I'm glad you enjoyed seeing our horses, and thanx for the blog entry.

For more information, you can see my blog at:


Kitty said...

Thanks Susu dear

Hi Paul
That's so nice of you to greet the horses. I felt bad taking pictures of just a few of them. I didn't want to offend any!

Thanks Lily!

Hi Michaleen
Thanks so much for posting here and representing the carriage owners' side of the story.

I am relieved to know that the owners care so much about their animals!

Kris said...

Are the horses unionised?

Anonymous said...

Ummm...the blogger has been misinformed. NYC carriage horses are treated like shit. Too sad.

MichaleenFlynn said...

You're very welcome, Kitty, my pleasure :-)

As for "Anonymous" - a negative, provocative statement with nothing to back it up.


Anonymous said...

see the movie blinders or see
horsesinnyc channel on youtube. see drivers overcharging and running the horses down massive traffic. Those horses are so abused.

Mike said...

Even they have to put up with all the pigeons it seems.

peeba76 said...

To "anonymous": a peta backed movie filled with overly edited propaganda, half truths, misleading pictures, pictures and film from OTHER cities and outright LIES can not and will not take away the FACT that our horses are loved and well cared for. Nor, will a youtube channel created by a woman who harasses and demonizes the drivers. Which, by the way, shows absolutely NO proof of any alleged "abuse" of our horses.
On the other hand, any rational person with a half a brain can come to my youtube channel and see PROOF that our horses live full, fantastic lives. My vids show our state of the art stable, famrs where they vacation, the horses at work, our rules and regualtions, etc.
Thanks for playing, anonymous.

horse vacation said...

see the movie blinders or see
horsesinnyc channel on youtube. see drivers overcharging and running the horses down massive traffic. Those horses are so abused.

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