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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taiwanese Festival, Union Square

Taiwanese festival, Union Square
Photo by myself in Union Square.

This weekend I encountered a Taiwanese festival in Union Square.

Groups of performers danced to traditional music, wearing brightly colored costumes. There were crowds of onlookers and vendors selling Taiwanese food.

One performer stood on a chair to get a better view of the dancers on stage.


One of the best things about New York is its cultural diversity.

Somehow, various cultures are able to co-exist and thrive. Various neighborhoods are identified by their inhabitants - there's a large Russian community in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Meanwhile Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and Chinatown in Manhattan, are known for their Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian and Vietnamese populations.

There's a Koreatown, there's Little Italy, there's Little India. The Hassidem have settled near WIlliamsburg.

In a large city, it's easy to feel lost. But here, you are however you define yourself - a student, a businessperson, an artist, a member of a religious group, a member of an ethnic group, a New Yorker.

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Olivier said...

beaux portraits et beaux costumes. Les quartiers changent souvent de communauté,exemple little italie qui a disparu de manhattan (sauf une petite rue pour faire beau) pour aller dans le Bronx et maintenant se déplace vers brooklyn (par contre, il n'y a pas vraiment de quartier Français, ou alors je le connais pas)
. Toute cette diversité fait le charme de NYC

Laurent said...

That's what NY is ! Diversity !

TC said...

Is she singing?

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!
Absolutely true - locations of ethnic neighborhoods shift all the time. The city is constantly in flux.

Hi Laurent!

The woman looks like she's singing, but she was commenting to her buddy. There was loud music going on.

Paz said...

I love NY for its cultural diversity. One can find almost everything here.


Mike said...

I would love to go to one of those for the food and music.