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Monday, June 15, 2009

Grinning Frenchie, Waiting on Line

French Bulldog
Photo by myself at Madison Square Park, around 25th Street and Madison Avenue.

While at the BBQ Block Party on Saturday, I spotted a gorgeous blonde French Bulldog. He was waiting patiently in line with other BBQ lovers.

Mark and I nearly brought our puppy Rupert to the event. Sad, since Rupert has a soft spot for Frenchies, which are as playful and scrappy as he is.


If you have the chance, do catch the Pixar movie 'Up', while it's still out on the large screen.

Usually the items I post on this blog have a New York reference. Set in a nondescript city, the movie is not New York-related. But it's beautifully done, beautifully told and suited to viewers of all ages. Pixar, which created Monsters, Inc. and Wall-E, also created this movie, which is rendered in 3D.

Yes, you wear these goofy glasses through the show, but in the end, you forget you're wearing them. The movie didn't rely on effects in the least.

'Up' is scheduled to be released in Australia on September 3rd, and the UK on October 16. Try not to read the reviews or descriptions beforehand and just enjoy the ride!

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Olivier said...

le chien est magnifique (mais les français sont toujours très beaux ;o) ). J'avais déjà envie de voir le film de pixar, mais avec ta publicité cela me donne encore + envie. tu as choisi tes cours de photos ?
the dog is splendid (but the French are always very nice; o)). I have already wanted to see the film of pixar, but with your advertising it still give me + desire. you chose your lessons of photographs?

magiceye said...

cute little fella! superb capture!!

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Islipian said...

what a lovely little...fella?? how *is* darling rupert these days? I haven't seen a video in awhile....

Lily Hydrangea said...

A great street portrait.
& I can't wait to see "UP". Thanks for the reminder Kitty!

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Nice little companion. Seems there is a huge trend in small dogs...

Rajesh said...

Very lovely snap. Cute dog.

Fredrik said...

Lovely expression!
Up you say. I'll keep it in mind.

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone! It was nice that the dog smiled for the camera.

I had to laugh, Olivier. Next time I will have to speak french to such a specimen.

Buenos Aries, the small dogs are rampant in the city because they are portable. You can sneak them onto the subways. They demand a lot of exercise, though.