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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yet Another Street Fair, Bleeker Street

Street Fair, NYC
Photo by myself on Bleeker Street, in the Village.

All too often, streets are closed off on the weekends for street fairs.

I'm sure there's a calendar of them somewhere, but all too often you'll be walking or driving and come across one. It's not uncommon to encounter more than one on a given day.


Whenever Mark and I encounter a street fair, one of two things happen: if we're walking, Mark will insist on taking a detour. And then he will mutter 'Not another street fair!'

If Mark is driving, he will let out a string of frustrated expletives and bang his hands on the wheel. 'Not another *@#&!^ street fair!' Then he'll rant on about how they're all the same, and how they're all terrible. (Since nearly all the side streets in New York are one-way, the fairs are a minor hassle when driving).

Well, Mark can be a bit dramatic, but generally he's right. Street fairs in New York are notoriously similar. They all seem to have sausage or fajita booth (how can you not?), and booths selling crepes, fresh fruit or shwarma.

There are booths selling cosmetics at discount prices, and booths selling bonsai plants. Some sell paintings, while others sell hats or sunglasses.

And what if there's a booth selling farm-grown vegetables, fresh cider or plants?

Well that's no street fair, it's a farmer's market, which for some reason are more forgivable!

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Olivier said...

une belle photo b&w de rue. j'aime beaucoup,surtout ce cadrage.
a nice photograph b&w of street. I like very much, especially this framing.

elsiee said...

I'm a sucker for a street fair, good thing Mark belongs to you!

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!

Hi Elsiee
Ha, that's funny.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I think Mark is right! Though I loved the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy when they used to have the big Ferris wheel. The view from the top was spectacular, that was cool.

Ken Mac said...

Mark is right! I only get a kick when the tote the statue of Mary down the street and watch as the faithful cover her with dollar bills...

TC said...

I love a good street fair. In some regions of Portugal and Spain, you can find gypsies on those fairs. It's always funny watching the negotiation process with a gypsi! Nice photo Kitty.

Tammy said...

I like street fairs, but they don't have many around here. I have to drive about 45 minutes to get to where they occasionally have some.

ChickenUnderwear said...

Where else can a guy buy socks in NYC?

Kitty said...

Hi Lily
That's cool about the ferris wheel. I wish they still had that.

Hi Ken
Ah, you and Mark and grumble together, lol. I have yet to see the statue. Sounds like a real treat.

The whole concept of gypsies sounds cool. I wonder what the equivalent is in the states?

Hi Tammy
I'm sorry to hear there aren't fairs close by you. These fairs are great for kids because they look like a lot is going on.

Ha, Chicken, I agree. Once in a while Mark ventures in for the socks, too. You can get some great deals.

Jazzy said...

nice food there, great shot.

Bramley said...

Ha! I love the distinction between a "farmer's market" and a "street fair" - but alas there are far too few of both where I live...