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Monday, October 12, 2009

What's in a Name, at Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green, Central Park
Photo by myself of Tavern on the Green, a well-known restaurant in Central Park.

A courtyard in the middle of the restaurant virtually opens up into Central Park. Paper lanterns hang from trees, creating a festive atmosphere.

Tavern on the Green has been in the local news recently. It declared bankruptcy in September, just before being handed over to its new owner. The family that owned it for years say they own rights to the name, which is valued at $19 million.

I took the above photo a week before the original owners filed for Chapter 11. I'm not sure whether the restaurant is still open. The restaurant once described itself as 'the highest-grossing independently owned restaurant in the United States, with annual revenues in excess of $34 million and over half a million visitors a year'.

Click here to read what the Times has written about Tavern on the Green.

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Olivier said...

un endroit sympathique pour boire un verre, belle ambiance dans ta photo

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I went for a drink here for the first time this year - after almost 10years in New York - and it was very nice to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine. I've heard the restaurant is sub-par and overpriced. Too much of a tourist trap.

NYC Rhymology said...

A li'l NYC Rhymology for this pic... Here is it paired with another well known local institution: Mad Magazine/Tavern on the Green

Damien Franco said...

How does a restaurant go from being one of the most profitable to going bankrupt in such little time? Seems really sad. Really.

On a positive note; at least you were able to get a nice photo for some memories...you know, in case it's gone next time your around that area.