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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve 2010

Cafe Select, Soho
Photo by myself in Soho, around Lafayette and Kenmare Streets.

A tiny restaurant in Soho serves Swiss food. I've never been inside Cafe Select, but I found the exterior cozy on a cold night.


Pardon this post, but the New Year provokes one to reflect a bit.

When I started this blog almost three years ago, I had no idea what it'd become. I was looking for a creative outlet where I could do a bit of writing. I had no idea I'd start taking photos.

My plan was to tell stories about this wonderful and frustrating city. My biggest worry was running out of things to say, and part of me wanted to parcel out tidbits so there'd always be something in reserve.

Boy, was I surprised to find that content hasn't been a problem. Things happen. Things change. There is always something new.

Oh and I must mention the biggest surprise of all, that of 'meeting' and befriending so many people from all over the world. We are so fortunate in this age of the internet to traverse immense distances and find commonality despite differences in language and culture. We can unite simply on a human level and do so every day.

I no longer have a fearful outlook anymore. There is just so much richness in the world around us. All you have to do is open your eyes and look.

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Here's to 2010 and all the stories it has to bring.

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Bea said...

Nice post. Happy New Year and may you have peace and prosperity in the coming years! :)

Olivier said...

belle photo de nuit. Je te souhaite une BONNE ANNEE 2010 a toi et ta famille (sans oublier Rupert).

elsiee said...

I have loved seeing my favorite city through your eyes this year and look forward to your photographs and keen observations in 2010. namaste, elsie

New year messages said...

My wishes for you in year 2010
Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
Peace for march,
No worries for April
Fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec,
Have a lucky and wonderful 2010.

ER said...

I've encountered the same experience with my blog, Kitty. It's no longer what i had in mind when i started in July. I suspect that is the nature of it. The one constancy for both of us is our passion for where we live. Some days it's best expressed in image, other days words, or both. I enjoy visiting your blog for both. You treat me to the New York i remember, the wee gems tucked away in the nooks and crannies of my favourite city, the people and places that give it its character. You keep me connected to its soul, for that i thank you. Have a wonderful Hogmanay, Kitty, and the best of everything in 2010. Bliadhna Mhath Ùr (Happy New Year). Lizzy :)

Susu Paris Chic said...

I'll keep repeating myself, but I love love and love your blog! And I understand about not knowing that the blogging experience would turn out the way it did... the same goes for me. Yet today I can't imagine life without my dear blog pals and the fun and excitement creating posts and reading others' blogs gives to me.

Keep on pouring your creativity out my dear Kitty! The new year will be sizzling... fun and just real big city life. Over there in NY as well as here in wonderfully horrific Paris, just like you well said it about metropolitan sweet-bitterness. (Psst... I'll finally get to come there in May, so I wish we'll be able to hook up!)

A big Paris hug!

Luis Gomez said...

Thank you! Love your blog and your stories. Have a wonderful 2010!

missb@dragonflyvintage said...

Well said, Miss Kitty. That cafe looks so welcoming, though I don't know exactly what Swiss food is. Swiss Cheese? Swiss Steak? Hot Chocolate?

And right back at'ya re the blogging. I haven't been at it nearly as long as you have...but when I just took my long break, I certainly missed it and I'm so glad to be back.

It's nice to know that (and excuse the awkward grammar ahead!) - for all the lovely, exciting, interesting, unusual, whimsical, shocking, heartbreaking things you see out there, with a blog, you always have someone to share it with.

Happy New Year to you and yours (including Master Rupert!)

xoxo Bettye

Lozzie Cap said...

I love how your blog is thoughtful, reflective, not self-absorbed, outwards-looking and always simply interesting!

Louis la Vache said...

Nouvelle année heureuse!

Chicago Girl said...

This photo reminds me of the magical feeling that New York won my heart with! I wish I could jump into the picture and be there. ;)

Bryan said...

Congratulations on three years of New York Portraits. I look forward each day to your photos and comments. Thank you! Best wishes for continued success!