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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Under the Gaze of Jay-Z, in Soho

Jay-Z, in Soho
Photo by myself in Soho, on Spring Street between Greene and Mercer.

A large portrait of Jay-Z in a Yankees cap drew attention from many passersby. On the right, Einstein is shown carrying a sign reading 'Love is the Answer'.

The Opera Gallery is one of many galleries in Soho. It represents some very well-known artists, including Basquiat, Keith Haring and Botero. Many of its artists, for whatever reason, depict celebrities in their work.

The gallery website says that an artist called Mr. Brainwash created both images. Not much is known about the artist, except that he's done graffiti on the streets of California. Like many street artists, he prefers to remain an enigma.

Mr. Brainwash's paintings include images of Madonna, Andy Warhol and Jim Morrison.

For the gallery website, click here.
For a closeup of the Jay-Z painting, click here.
For a closeup of the Einstein painting, click here.

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Brenda's Arizona said...

Wow, a lot of Mr. Brainwash's stuff is really interesting. I especially like the Jim Morrison (found via the gallery link). Thanks for introducing me to this gallery!

Fashion Schlub said...

I love the architecture of Soho...those giant doors and columns, so dramatic and lovely.

I was shopping there a couple weeks ago w my daughter and it was very nice. I hadn't been in Soho for many years, since it was mainly galleries w very little shopping. I don't usually like creeping commercialism (!) but this I appreciated :-)

Not being a city/museum gal, I don't really understand "galleries." Are they shops or strictly exhibits? Can you just walk in and look, or is it only by invitation or for special events?

Bettye aka country mouse in the big city, HA :-)

dianasfaria.com said...

I like the portrait of Mr. Z & Einstein's sign is so appropriate re his philosophy.

Kitty said...

Hi Brenda
Glad you liked Mr. Brainwash's work. I hadn't heard of him til now, and am glad I could share this with you.

Hi Miss B
Soho is amazing, isn't it? I love it, too.

The galleries are open to the public. You don't have to buy anything, and often they hold openings with wine and cheese.

I forget which night of the week they're usually open late (perhaps Thursdays?), during the summer. You can hop from one place to the next, which is fun.

Hi Lily
I like that one, too. Imagine deciding on painting Einstein? It's not a typical thing to do.

Fredrik said...

Basquiat and Keith Haring are exceptional artists. Love their work. And your photos!
Tonight we had snow for the first time this year. Makes our little town even more charming.

jr222 said...

This is a great photo! I only live a few blocks away. Just today I was jammin' to Robin Thicke's new album with a track that Jay Z is on...I know years behind the game, but I'm starting to appreciate the guy which is why I'm drawn to this picture. Jose