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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Under the Lights, at 54th and Fifth

A Moment in Midtown, NYC
Photo by myself on Fifth Avenue, around 54th Street.

A couple of visitors pause from shopping for a snackity snack. It was dusk when I walked by, and I loved the different types of lights that were on.

This time of year, kiosks are lit with more light bulbs than usual. Roasted chestnuts have been added to the menu, for that wintery flair.

You can usually get hot dogs, sausages, roasted peanuts, giant pretzels and all sorts of drinks at these little metal carts. Oh, and don't forget the indigestion.

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missb@dragonflyvintage said...

ya gotta love the insane variety of street food in ny!

valeria said...

Kitty, this is such a nice photo, wow, you switched on colour! I like this because I feel there on the street!

Paz said...

Haven't had a dirty dog in ages. *sigh*


Fredrik said...

Great moment there! Eating street food is the way to discover a city.

Andrea said...

I would absolutely love NTC - I am mad for hot-dogs... ;-)