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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Isle of Manhattan; So Close and Yet So Far

Close and yet so far
Photo by myself from the subway platform at Smith and 9th Street, Brooklyn.

Manhattan looks worlds away from Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The neighborhood below has some nice residences and renovated warehouses, but it looks very industrial from above.

It may take less than 15 minutes for the train to reach the East River from here. You can see the UN Building, which is located in the East 40's along the edge of Manhattan.


The difference between Brooklyn and Manhattan is more psychological than physical. There are many, many Manhattanites who feel that Brooklyn is some sort of scary frontier land, unworthy of exploration. Not true!

I admit I had the same mentality when I lived on 'the island'. It was easy to feel that Manhattan was the only borough in New York, when there was so much going on.

I'm happy to live in Brooklyn now and am always shocked when friends make the trek across the river.

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Olivier said...

NEW YORK devient une prison...comme dans "New York 1997" ;o)

Louis la Vache said...

The fence in the image really conveys the distance!

christina Klas said...

what a fantastic way to view new york... thanks for sharing

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I enjoyed looking at all your very artistic photographs today. I've lived in Brooklyn my whole life

Eva said...

So true. I admit I was scared of the world outside Manhattan too, before I got to visit the other parts of the city. But as it turned out, they accomplished each other.
I love your picture. The city certainly looks different from this angle.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I wonder if people from Manhattan think the same way about Long Island...
you really caught a crisp skyline in this photo Kitty, so nicely done.

Kitty said...

ha, Olivier. Very true. The city can certainly feel claustrophobic sometimes and awful.

Thanks Louis!

Thanks and welcome, Christina!

Hi Pat
I imagine growing up in Brooklyn must have been incredible. The city has changed so much in recent years. I bet you have a lot of war stories.

Hi Eva
Neat that you feel the same. I'm glad you ventured out. The experience of the 'outer boroughs' is enriching.

Hi Lily
I think people are less afraid of LI as they are oblivious, since many NYers don't own cars. They might have gone out there during the summer and they certainly know people from Long Island. So many people I know grew up there!

Christina said...

Love it! Great shot

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