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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Off-Kilter, on 18th Street

No Parking
Photo by myself at Broadway and 18th Street.

I took this photo earlier this year, as an example of how over-the-top New York signage can be.

When I got home, I realized the guy in the photo was wearing a kilt. Weird.


I took the above photo in the middle of January, when it must've been very chilly. Now that it's actually warming up, it's time to think about the shape of one's legs.

How is that winter flab doing? Hm...I have to admit that Mark and I have been cooking and enjoying the comfort of our sofa a bit too much. This fellow's legs are much nicer looking than my ham hocks!

Fashionista, Not, Reasons to be Pretty, Times Square and Flower Power, Bryant Park.


Olivier said...

bien vu le mr avec son Kilt

Louis la Vache said...

uh, Kitty - do you think they are serious about not parking there?


Wearing a kilt in that weather would have «Louis» stepping as fast as this fellow seems to be...

(But then, it's hard to imagine «Louis» in a kilt...)

Lily Hydrangea said...

funny title Kitty!
& this is a great photo. I love the colors & the motion of the man in his kilt.
& the Winter flab - ugh! unbearable!

travel I learn I love said...

i love love loooove you blog! i am visiting new york city in july with my best friend and looking at your beautiful pictures everyday makes that much more excited about the trip!


if you have any tips in terms of food, clubs, sightseeing, shopping,.. we would love some advice!

elsiee said...

oh Kitty, let's not talk about ham hocks unless they're in a yummy hot lentil soup eaten on the couch infront of the TV... OK??

Colleen said...

Nice photo! :)

Kitty said...

ha thanks Olivier!

Hi Louis
The signs are a bit much, no?

Perhaps you should try a kilt? I've heard that each kilt takes many many yard of fabric to make, since they are pleated. With so much fabric you'd think they are warm?

Thanks Lily
The threat of Spring, skirts sans stockings and my legs out in public has gotten me scared! Fear is a great motivator, lol.

Welcome Travel and thanks
You're in for a treat, though July can be very humid. NYC is very fun in the summer. There is just tons to do.

If you have specific questions, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Ha Elsiee
I'm sure you're not nearly as bad off as I am. But some edible ham hocks sound divine!

Thank you Colleen!

Leif Hagen said...

Maybe he was going to a kilt party, non?

I love how your photos capture the feel of NYC! Bravo, Kitty!

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

Even without the kilted guy, this would be a cool shot. But he's a perfect example of how New York has a wonderfully wide latitude when it comes to personal style.

Emanuela said...

you captured the freedom of ny on the backdrop of a in enormous letter prohibition: great match!!