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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Over the Shoulder in the Garment District

Candid, Midtown
Photo by myself in the Garment District, around Seventh Avenue and 40th Street.

The Garment District has been reduced to just a couple blocks now, at 38th and 39th Streets, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues.

The stores selling fabric and trim are interspersed with bookstores and fast food places. During my time living in New York, I've seen many fabric stores close. Some of the larger established ones, like Mood and Rosen and Chadick, have relocated to second floor locations.

Home sewers make the visit to New York for the nice selection of fabric. Some of the finest cashmeres and wools can cost over $100 a yard. A jacket requires at least two yards of fabric, and a coat at least three.

Taxi!, Columbus Circle at Dusk and Fixing Flats in the Streets.


Lozzie Cap said...

I showed this post to my husband, who spent his apprentice years as a tailor in a little Jewish shop in London's East End. He loves any stories about the rag trade.

Saw a film at the weekend called "The Narrows". It's set in Brooklyn and is about love, death, money and .. photography. I thought of you. I recommend it to you.

Lily Hydrangea said...

doesn't this part of Manhattan always seem to be crowded? You've captured it well Kitty.

Joanne said...

People seem to pose for you:) I love it!

Dan J. said...

This is my favorite genre in photography. The urban street/portrait/candid shots. I really admire your work and look forward to seeing more. I wish I had a bigger canvas to work in like the streets of NYC.

Outstanding photos.