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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Across the Treetops from Central Park South

Central Park South, NYC
Photo by myself from Central Park West, around West 80th Street.

From Central Park West, looking south over the treetops, you can see the expanse of buildings along Central Park South, some 20 blocks away.

The tower with the sloped top is the distinctive Citigroup building at 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue, over thirty blocks away. The tower is nearly 60 stories high and is done up in stainless steel panels.

The short white building further to the right is the Plaza Hotel at Central Park South and 59th Street. The Plaza is an extremely ritzy building that has been partially converted into million-dollar condos. Here's an earlier close-up view I took of the Plaza.

Most people consider Central Park a public space, however often it functions as a precious object. The closer you live to the park, the higher the value of your apartment. Only a select few have these privileged views.

Generally speaking, the northern and southern edges of Central Park are not as well known as the east and west, since they are much shorter in length. The southern edge marks the beginning of Midtown, while the northern edge marks the beginning of Harlem.

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queen of my galaxy said...

hi! i stumbled upon your blog from another blog and i must say that it is a pleasant stumble.
i really like your blog and i really would love to see new york one day.

thanks for the photos.

Bibi said...

Oh, this is great. I'd love to have a view like that...gotta ask....from whose apartment did you take this photo>

Washington said...

Hi Kitty. Wonderful picture. What a view to the Central Park. I wonder if the owner of the apartment has time to enjoy the view.
The cellular antenas are very familiar to me (I work with that).

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Kitty, what a fabulous shot. The juxtaposition of the green and the city provides such colorful interest. Love the architecture on the building next door. I agree that I'd like to know where you were when you took the photo -- lucky person that lives there!

elsie said...

Central Park views transport me to my ultimate living in NYC fantasy - lovely way to go this Sunday morning!

Kitty said...

Welcome Queen
I hope you come visit us, too. New York is a good bit of fun, especially in the more temperate months.

Hi Bibi
I was visiting an apartment my office is working on. I have wonderful coworkers too, who don't question me as I hang out the window, lol.

Hi Washington
I hope the owners enjoy the view, too. They are lucky to have their living and dining rooms face the park (and the cell antennae, lol).

Hi Sandy!
I agree with you about the view. Honestly, every time I step foot in the apartments my office does work in, I am overcome with envy.

The owners are fortunate to have such a personal view of the park. I'm sure the view of the changing seasons is incredible.

Thanks dear Elsiee!

Banjo52 said...

There really is only one NYC, isn't there. I've only been there twice, but all those street names are familiar, from TV and movies if nothing else.

Thanks for the helpful geography lesson.

lewi14@gmail.com said...

What an impressive view.