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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Soaring Above, the New York Times Tower

New York Times Building
Photo by myself of the New York Times Building, around 40th Street and 7th Avenue in the Garment District.

The sun was setting, and all the buildings were a mix of sepia tones against the blue sky.

The facade of the tower is made up of white porcelain tubes. The tubes form screens in front of glass curtain walls. The building has a nice amount of detail for passersby, while remaining distinct from faraway.

I took a closer photo of the front and signage here. Of course, people have tried to climb the tower. So far none have been successful.

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Ola. said...

I'll love to go to NYC. Thanks to you and your blog I can feel the city from my place. Thanks:)

Susu Paris Chic said...

Hey Kitty,

Can you believe it... I'm here... in your lovely City! I've already spotted places that I've gotten to know about thru your sweet blog!

Anonymous said...

How odd. Everything shows up except the pictures.

frankdejol said...

Cool shot!

Anonymous said...

Probably the very essence of your city. Impressive. Please have a nice Sunday.

daily athens

Kitty said...

Welcome Daily Photo!
I hope you keep up with your new blog. ;-)

Hi Susu!
I wrote you an email through your site today. I hope you got it.
I hope you're having a good time!

Hi Mr Lincoln
it must have been a temporary glitch? I hope so.

Thanks Frank

Hi ρομπερτ
Thank you. Btw the NYT tower is one of the only tall buildings in that neighborhood. Lucky for us, since you can see it from far away.