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Friday, June 25, 2010

Putting up the Lights, in Koreatown

Installing Decorations, Koreatown, NYC
Photo by myself in Koreatown, around 35th Street and Sixth Avenue.

Christmas decorations in the summer?

Well, no. Koreatown has been festooned with decorations during the nicer months. The tiny neighborhood has been decorated with lights and streamers, in an attempt to make it more noticeable.

Hard to say how successful this venture will be. Already, the few streets that comprise the area are plastered with signs and lights. If you have a hankering for a hearty meal of tofu casseroles or barbeque, you simply need to know where to go.

Koreatown is nestled within Midtown. Restaurants, bars and stores are located throughout 32nd through 35th Streets, between Madison and Sixth Avenues, in Midtown.

Installing Decorations, Koreatown, NYC

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Anonymous said...

man i wish i was in new york

Kate said...

Lovely pictures. I wish I was there too.

Anonymous said...

How nice of the city authorities to allow that - not sure whether it would be possible over here, where some kind of ghettos were created, many times not talked good about - makes one indeed a bit sad, as many chances might not be discovered.
A friendly look of your city once again. Thank you. A wonderful start for the weeekend of yours.

daily athens